Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No Bun in the Oven

It's not bird flu - but it's just as serious, and potentially deadly. The symptoms creep up on you - a nagging idea in the back of your mind that keeps creeping to the forefront, fingering an untouched ball of yarn hidden in your stash, a wondering eye towards a pattern that has been sitting on the back burner - and then bam! it hits you - full blown Cast-On-itis. I have it, and there is no cure - I will never finish anything again - I will be in a perpetual state of Cast-On -- help! This madness must end! See this gigantic knitting bag - - it's bursting at the seams - it's like a huge tumor, and the cancer is spreading.

It all started with 2 horribly boring projects - the Clap (not pictured, since at this point - the straight rows, it's too boring to even photograph), and Icarus. I was really excited about Icarus. I picked it for my Amazing Lace project, and had visions of butterflies dancing in my head. Unfortunately, there's miles and miles of stockinette before the butterfly emerges from it's cocoon.
So, my mind started to wander - to the Koigu scraps from MD Sheep and Wool. I missed my Koigu, the pi shawl all swathed in mothballs, tucked away until fall. It was like the telltale heart - the Koigu was thumping in my closet. Knit me, knit me -it called, you know you want to. The seduction took hold, and I started looking at patterns, still trying to fool myself into thinking it was idle curiousity - but, then I found the right pattern, and I thought, well, I'll just see how the lace patttern looks - Ella, from Knittyv - But, then, once I knew how it was going to look, the thrill of that project subsided. I was left feeling restless, looking for adventure - and I rememebered the Andrea -

Remember awhile back, when I left you with a tease - that some major ripping had gone down? Remember this cardigan? I don't know what it was about it - the shape, the pattern, the drape - but it felt old lady to me, and after I took that picture on Flash Your Stash Day, and accepted the reality that I may very well finish the cardigan, it would probably fit, but that I was never going to wear it. Armed with this dose of reality, I found the courage to rip - well, to at least have Grace rip it -

And, out it came - no fuss, no knots . . . I put it away, but in the midst of my project angst, thoughts started brewing - a square shawl, that's it.

So, I tried to cast on - 8 stitches divided evenly over 4 needles. An hour and a half I played with it - and I succeeded in creating nothing more than a tangle web of unknittable stitches. Then, after I had already turned the lights out, it came to me - the modified Emily Ocker cast on in Folk Shawls. I snapped the light back on, and attempted once again to get this circular party started. No luck.

Then, the next day, the stars aligned. Carol, at Rosie's, taught me how to make a tube with 2 circulars, and when I arrived home, Courtney, from Rosie's via the farm, mailed me the patttern for her new square shawl - and I just had to try it all out. Here it is:

But, was this enough to keep me satisfied - the Clap, the Ic, the Koigu scraps, the Andrea, oh no - I needed socks - socks in the Mountain Mohair, socks for Dad - and again, I CAST ON!

So, do I have anything to show for my week long vacation??? It's as if I decided I was going to bake an apple pie, but before I got it in the oven, I got a craving for chocolate chip cookies - next thing you know - I've got a kitchen filled with raw dough! Something must get baked!


Lindsey said...

I had this affliction one night last week and ended up knitting a sock with *lowering voice to whisper* Wool-Ease. Oh, the shame! I only have about 40 skeins of lovely, beautiful sock yarn, but I chose to teach myself a Sherman heel and toe with Wool-Ease. See what happens when you get Caston-itis? We just can't be held accountable for our actions when in the grip of this insidious disease.

JJ said...

Wendy, I feel your pain. I am so fighting castonitis now that I've started self-medicating with chilled wine and chocolate. I've been fairly monogamous (for me), working on 1 pair of socks and the kimono shawl (13.5 repeats down, an indeterminant amount of Silk Noir left). I have been wanting to cast on something new SO BAD. I bought yarn for Icarus. I have been fondling other laceweights. I have been eyeing lace patterns. And shell/tank patterns (it's 90 degrees in central California and getting hotter!!!). I'm contemplating more socks (but fortunately can't because my Addis are otherwise engaged). I NEED MORE PROJECTS!!!

Dorothy said...

Must be the itch of spring! New things are popping up all over the place and it's hard to concentrate on anything for longer than it takes to blink your eyes!

Christine said...

Oh, how I have truly missed you. I have been suffering from Castonitis too, you are not alone. And really, how could you resist the Koigu? That would be impossible. I'm making the Pomatomas (is that spelled right? I can never remember) socks out of Koigu. My Sheep Shawl. And a Clap. (Mindless knitting for travel.) Of course, now that I am going to leave my house for ten whole days, I'm in a panic over what projects to bring. Those three, and my Trekking Along socks, of course, and maybe the yarn to start a sweater. And that other pair of socks. And something else - maybe a felted purse. And ... hm. What else?

Oh yes, Castonitis is bad. Very bad.

Good thing I know there will be yarn in London in case I run out of something to knit. And I can always take pictures instead of knitting.

Merrill Mason said...

I love castonitis! I wallow in the impulse to start something new! As you know, I have bags and oodles of projects conceived of, yarn bought, needles bought, projects started....and then I fall in love. All over again. This is more than a proclivity, it's the way of my inner knitter. I've realized that, in actuality, I'm a Conceptual Knitter. It's the IDEA of the knitting project that counts. The finished object is simply the shed snake skin, not vital like the thrill of casting on!

Theresa said...

Good times, good times. . . Now when you get that other virus, Finish-itis, you'll have prrojects to work on. It's all the cycle of life.

Wendy said...

After a long bout of castonitis, I know have spinneritis. My poor pi shawl is feeling neglected these days ...