Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome to the Joy House!

On the ground for all of ten minutes, we were off to our first yarn store, a Stitch Above, in Providence, RI. A Stitch Above, however, had multiple personality disorder, as half the shop was a yarn store, and the other half was a leather goods entity - I want to sell fanny packs, no I want to sell yarn. Yarn, Fanny Packs, Yarn, Fanny packs!

The pounding schizophrenia drove us out the door, and for Knitty D, into the arms of Vera Bradley. No photo available - just say no to Vera!

Then, after a light lunch, we were off to Plymouth, and Knitting Treasures. Treasure I found indeed. Here is my handpainted mohair (project to be discussed later in the week). Oh, and that is that Mayflower rising in the background, and here is my educational excursion for the trip - Plymouth Rock. I suspect that this is not the actual rock . . . at least they don't charge a fee for admission.

After spending a restful night with the Six (count em SIX) Bach beagles, in the morning we were off to see the Lobster Pot Lady, dyer of exquisite cashmere yarns. Here we are in her sale stash - cashmere

And, mohair.

While not quite ready to retire, the Lobster Pot Lady was doing quite the hard sell to convince Knitty D to move to the Cape, and become the next Lobster Pot Lady. And, what will the next dyemistress of Lobster Pot fame get for her money - a dyeing studio? Well, if you count the lobster pots on the stove, and the turkey fryers in the backyard as a studio . . . Developed on a nearly no overhead budget, with your basic kitchen items as tools of the trade, it's a thriving business, the yarn is beautiful, and what could be more idealic than sitting in your backyard on the Cape watching your cashmere yarn cook and dry? I was a bit jealous envisioning Knitty D's fiber future, but on the other hand, I'm such a Philly girl, I think it would take more than a mohair blend, or a worsted cashmere to get me to move . . .

But, speaking of business . . . I think Knitty D and I are going to incorporate. A lot of podcasts put a donate button on their blog, and fund the podcasts that way. I'm not comfortable with that - I think we should at least sell something. So, we spent a lot of the weekend experimenting with tote bags, iron-on transfers and making stitchmarkers. I have to say, we've completely mastered the stitchmarkers, and some of them are truly lovely. Unfortunately, I didn't take even one business class in law school -- it was all about crime and punishment for me - so I have my handy dandy The Small Business Start-Up Kit, and once we have a bank account, I think we'll go the Etsy route, and sell our notions bags that way. I'm also thinking about soliciting advertising, but I don't know . . . I don't know what podcast listeners think. Any opinions? In theory, if we had charged listeners $1 per podcast a la a subscription, we would be making about a $1,000 per episode - which would have funded the sound equipment we sorely need (one reviewer called our sound atrocious - loved the podcast, acknowledged that we were working on the sound, but the sound is shitty nonetheless, and I pretty much agree). Would an ad be such a horrible thing?

But enough shop talk, on the the whales. The weather was pretty lousy most of the weekend, but on Monday, the sky cleared, and we were off to Provincetown and the Portuguese Princess Whale Watch. The Whale Watch guarantees the sighting of a whale, so Knitty D has a theory that at the end of the journey, if there are no whales, a buzzer is sounded, and the mechanical whales are released.

Luckily for us, following Ernesto, the whales were restless, and there was no need for the mechanical twins. Knitty D's pictures are much better than mine. While I usually have very sturdy sea legs, I found myself not quite seasick, just a bit disoriented, and I was more concerned about holding onto the rail than taking pictures of Midnight and her calf, who is still too young for a name:

And, after the whale watch, to get my bearings back - off to the Turo Winery for a bit of wine tasting to settle the ol' stomach.

Ah, the Cape Vacation . . . yarn and wine, oh, and six beagles.


Liz K. said...

Sounds like a glorious weekend.

And as a listener, I would not be opposed to advertising on your podcast site, or if you had sponsors like on Cast-on. Especially if it allowed you to expand your adventures in podcasting and improved the sound quality, which, and I mean this in the most utterly constructive way, leaves a little to be desired. I tolerate it because of the content, banter, and local-ness that I love.

Dorothy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Love the whale pics.

I don't think having a sponsor for your podcast would be a bad thing. You could always announce that you are doing your best to improve and having a sponsor and selling things at your Etsy shop will help you to do that.

Theresa said...

All my old stomping grounds - looks like a great trip!

Kathy said...


I just knit a one skein scarf from Lobster Pot cashmere -- it's delicious stuff!

Christine said...

The thought of all that cashmere makes me want to cry. Is there a way to buy the Lobster Pot Lady's yarn? Huh? Huh?

I'll sponsor your podcast and you can sponsor mine. No, wait. That won't work. *sigh* I need better equipment too. I went with the donate button though because really, I am doing work in trade - I am making a show. No one has donated though, so I might need to think about that decision. For the past two weeks I've considered a "Buy Christine a Mic" fundraiser. ;-)

Ginny said...

Wow, the whales! the cashmere! The lobster pot future!

I would subscribe, or cope with advertising, or sponsorship etc. And of course I'd be up for buying VERY LIGHT THINGS WITH CHEAP OVERSEAS POSTAGE ;-)

Thanks for commenting on my cashmere - it has arrived, and is lovely, quite soft even though still 'industrial oiled'.

Jennifer said...

I have just joined your podcast and I LOVE it!! Well, who wouldn''s about knitting and yarn.

I wouldn't mind advertisers at all, if they were related, ala Cast-On. A donate button wouldn't be bad either, but I don't think that you should charge the listeners. It might prevent future subscribers.

After all of the raving over the Icarus shawl, I finally found the IWK issue and get some yarn today. Wish me luck!!