Friday, August 17, 2007

Hey, thanks to everyone who has commented on my posts - I'm really going to make an effort to update at least twice a week.

When I got back on line, I really wanted to change the look of my blog. While I'm still a Pretty in Pink girl, I just wasn't feeling the old template, and I wanted something fresh. I felt like it needed a new coat of paint; it was time to redecorate. Apparently, however, there has been a snag in the rehab process.

I've had a few comments regarding the font color - apparently, on some browsers, the font is yellow. On my browser (MS Internet Explorer), the font is the well-intended, easy on the eyes, black on a white background. The codes in my template are for black on a white background. When I go into the "customize template" and it shows me what colors are used in my blog, the only yellow is the edging around the blog itself. However, I understand on Safari, the font is well, f'd up. Honestly, I am not out to cause anyone the loss of their eyesight. If anyone can tell me how to solve this dilemna, I'm happy to do so. If I find someone with Safari, will my codes look different? Will I be able to change them?

Any suggestions?


Ellen said...

I use blogger and Safari and the whole effect if very yellow. I have to move the screen all around to even read it (which does diminish the lovely photos!) but the comment page shows "Post a comment on:" in black and "Knit and the city" in a lovely royal blue. Perhaps you could go into your template and see what the code for the color on the comment page. The background is a lovely putty color. So, I would just cut and paste OR beg for help on the Blogger Help page. Love the color way too, by the way.

Lisa Shobhana said...

i'm getting the painful yellow text, too. i, unfortunately, don't have any suggestions. i'm glad you're back and i looking forward to reading you in regular black text soon! =)

Ellen said...

Oh, what the heck - I just downloaded Firefox - it looks fine but the print for comment box is ugly. I am sure we can both live with this!