Thursday, October 25, 2007

Breaking the Boyfriend Curse - A Formula

So, I gave the tall man the sweater on Monday, and here it is Thursday, and can you believe it, he hasn't dumped me. Take that boyfriend curse!
So, when exactly do you knit your boyfriend a sweater? In this case, it was kind of, what came first, the sweater or the boyfriend -- I had been wanting to knit the Cobblestone Sweater from the minute I got my hands on the Fall Interweave, and really, I was just looking for an excuse to knit it. That's not to say that I didn't want to knit him something, I did. So the bottom line was a classic SAT tautology:

I want to knit the Cobblestone sweater (I want to knit x)
I want to knit him a birthday present (I want to knit y something for z)
I will knit him the Cobblestone sweater for his birthday. (I will knit x for y for z)

Not quite E=mc2d, but brilliant nonetheless! If you can plug your desires into that simple formula - knit him a sweater, or knit him socks, or knit him anything you damn well please, and don't worry about any silly curse.

Not only have I cracked this simple equation worthy of DaVinci Code notoriety, I discovered something else. I have more in common with my mother than I thought I did. Whenever I visit my parent's house, it can be 9:00 a.m., it can be 3 p.m., it can be right after eating a giant Thanksgiving dinner, and my mom will ask, did you have enough to eat? Knitting this sweater for a 6'4" guy, I was constantly asking myself "is it big enough?" and relatedly, "do you think I have enough yarn, do I have enough yarn?" Of course, I ask myself the same thing when I'm knitting for myself. Am I following the pattern? Yes. Am I on gauge, yes? Did I buy the recommended amount of yarn? Yes. So, the question really is as silly as "have you had enough to eat?" after scarfing down turkey, stuffing, potatoes, string beans, carrot soufle, and pie.
But, I was really worried this time, not play worried, like when I knit for myself. I tricked him into giving me his chest size (hey honey, what size suit do you wear, Robin is knitting her boyfriend a sweater and he's about the same size). I tried subtly asking him how long his arms are, not an easy question to throw into regular banter, and I got an answer I'll just keep to myself. So, while we were at Stitches, four women holed up in a hotel room, knitting in bed, I had Kate call her 6'3 boyfriend, and had him measure himself, as well as his 6'4" brother. They were inches over what was called for in the pattern (22 inches from the arm pit to the bottom, and a 22 inch sleeve from the joining of the yoke to a bit passed the wrist!)

Now, I was really nervous -venturing beyond the parameters of the pattern! So while I had 20 balls of Kathmandu Aran, at a 100 yards a ball, and the pattern called for 18 balls, I still bought 6 more balls from Webs. And lucky that I did, because I did need one - sigh of relief. Sweater complete, it fits, and I didn't run out of yarn.

Sorry the pictures suck - I was right down to the wire when he came over on Monday. I'll try to get better pictures when he actually wears it. The fit was perfect, although the sleeves at the bottom were a little loose for his taste - a little rolling at the bottom, and all was well. What you really can't see in these pictures is how beautiful this yarn is - it's a dark green, with flecks of reds, yellows, and more greens. It has a smidge of cashmere in it, and it is yummy. And, if you're looking for something to knit for yourself - lookie here - the new Winter 2007 Interweave Knits preview, in which Miriam Felton, of Icaraus and friends fame, has a new pattern in Kathmandu -

And, as you know - I have no need for a formula for myself - I see it, I like it, I knit it - this might end up in my queue - because I love this yarn!


Kat said...

You go girlfriend! I love the sweater - and I myself was just thinking about that dratted curse.

PS - I love that wrap as well. Where can I find that yummy yarn????

Dorothy said...

Great sweater! I think the boyfriend curse has more to do with getting a really crappy (to him my Mr. says absolutely never knit him cables) sweater and seeing a lifetime with a woman who can't be bothered to knit to his taste but rather knits to her taste.

Great wrap!

WandaWoman said...

The bf sweater curse does not strike again!I think the curse is really more about the person you've chosen to be with and if it's a good relationship or not. One of my friends did knit a sweater for her now ex-bf, but I don't think they were really meant to be.

I've knit a sweater for my bf/partner, but it was at his request and we've managed to hold it together! ;-)

I'm glad the bf sweater turned out so nicely for him. I've wanted to knit Cobblestone for my guy, but for some reason, he doesn't really like it. I'm going to try showing him some finished ones on Ravelry and see if it sparks an interest.

Pam said...

Nice sweater and good luck with the curse.
I was especially glad to hear that the yarn is nice 'cause I was seduced into mega-buying the purple at Stitches.

Knitting Novice said...

Love the Boyfriend Sweater! I love the wrap too! Are you going to use that yarn?

Liz K. said...

It's funny -- my husband's grandmother ended every meal she ever made -- always with multiple main courses and massive amounts of foods -- with a sigh, and says, "I should have made a brisket."

I'm glad the curse did not extend to you and Tall Man.

Bridget said...

If anyone could foil that stupid curse, I knew it would be you! On top of which, it sounds like you still like the sweater - unlike so many other people I know who knit a larger project and then never ever want to see it again!

Ohh, that is a nice wrap. But it will have to wait a while, I'm still waiting to be able to knit again to finish the things I've started recently!

Chris said...

Curse, Schmurse! It looks great - I hope we get to see well modeled photo's of the cobblestone - you can check my page again for how your model should model. And I love that preview - I want to make that wrap, too!

Macoco said...

I'm glad you beat the curse ;) The sweater is fantastic. You're truly a wonderful woman to knit a sweater for a 6foot4 boyfriend.

Wendy said...

Nice sweater, Congratulations on getting it done in time.

Elysbeth said...

Very nice work. And completed on time!

Knit - R - Done said...

Nice looking sweater! You are very brave. I think the key is making sure the boyfriend deserves the sweater. It sounds like he does.