Thursday, December 13, 2007

Anyone Want to Commit Me Now?

Stop everything! Mad knitter at work. All ongoing projects must cease and desist - insane project underway!!!

So, I was happily knitting along on this (which in and of itself is a knitting crime - I am THISCLOSE to finishing Swan Lake):
Martha, from Rowan Studio 2, in my new favorite yarn - Manos Silk. Yes, you heard me - Manos SILK - a wool silk blend, that comes in around 4-6 stitches per inch. This single ply is smooth smooth smooth, and feels like budda. I couldn't have been happier knitting Martha.
Here's a closeup of the lovely cable:
This yarn is perfect - perfect for fair isle (see mittens below), perfect for cables (see that detail!), and perfect for sweaters - it's really the perfect weight. Could I say PERFECT one more time????

So once you've found perfect, why have I abandoned this project in favor of another. Because madness is at work I say! There is no other explanation other than a bit of the crazies have hit me. The tall boyfriend and I were watching t.v. the other night, snuggled under the blanket his grandma had crocheted for him years ago - a blanket built for one. Wouldn't it be nice, he said, if we had a blanket that was big enough for both of us? I sat up - the wheels began to turn. I can do that, I can knit that. I saw Rambling Rows, I saw the BIG VERSION, I had big visions - I have a big boyfriend after all.

So, while I was working at the shop on Saturday, before the mad rush that was the crazy holiday shopping day at Rosie's, I started pulling Manos off the shelf - Brick, Stellar, Gold, Navy, and Olive. The Stellar, Gold and Navy are for him - Chargers colors. The Brick and Olive appeal to my taste (hmmm - notice that it's the same olive as the Silk Manos above - oh Martha, I will not forsake you forever).

It's fabulous! It's gigantic! It's expensive!! It's totally insane!

The only thing more crazy than this blanket - that John C. Reilly was nominated for a best actor Golden Globe for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Both make me speechless.


Kat said...

Wow, that is lovely!! First a sweater, now a blanket.... hmmmm.

I felt the Manos with Silk on Saturday, wow - you are right, that stuff is gorgeous!

Bridget said...

You are going crazy - but in a good way! I think the blanket will be great.

Thanks for the last sentence, I laughed out loud ...

mariss said...

I do love John C. Reilly, though...

What's so crazy about the blanket?! It's pretty and thoughtful and fun (especially if tall bf learns to knit...). Spend your money, lady! You can't take it with you :)

What I'm more interested in, is where did you get that gorgeous carpet?!

Kessa said...

Manos silk? That sounds and looks so yummy!

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Love the Rambling Rows. I made it for my mom and it's one of the only thing I've ever made for her that she's liked. I love that you've ventured beyond using Blue Sky Cotton. The colors and textures are truly cool. Actually, it looks like a great way to use the stash.
The sweater is lovely too. Nice color and the yarn sounds dreamy. Enjoy.

Gracehoper said...

What pattern are you using for that gorgeous sweater? I HAVE TO MAKE THIS! SOO pretty!