Tuesday, November 22, 2005

But I Love Tuesday!

I have heat! I have DSL! And, you know, the Koigu sweater looks possibly reparable. Possibly. Here is a survey of the damage. Warning - these photos are not for the faint of heart. Personally, I'd rather watch open heart surgery on public television than view the following carnage:
I think maybe I can seam the sleeve smaller, and fix the hole in the front, and wear it in the back. That's where my head is, maybe it's in a weird place, I'm not sure. But, at least, unlike the last 2 weeks in my heatless house, it's in a warm place.

Which can only get warmer and fuzzier with the completion of the Silk Garden Reincarnate. I AM SO CLOSE! Only five blocks to go - I am here! ONLY FIVE BLOCKS TO GO! And it looks like this: See, just because I haven't been blogging, doesn't mean I haven't been knitting!
Now, I think I'll get naked and stand in front of my blazing heating vent and make the night complete!


yahaira said...

The silk garden reincarnate looks awesome, but did I miss something. What happened to this koigu sweater?

wow heat and dsl all on the same day?!

Lisa M. said...

Let's talk about the hole in the front. (I think you're probably right about the sleeve seam.) Do you have any oddments of the original color(s)?

I'm here through Knitting Circle tonight, and Friday and Sunday.

synaesthetica said...

Uh oh. You weren't kidding. But I still don't think the Evil Doers were moths. I think it was a piranha who got a sudden growth spurt, rapidly progressed through the evolutionary chain (we believe in Darwin here), grew teeny weenie leg buds, marched on those tiny stumps right to your house, waited until you were at the prison with the Dribbler (or was it the sociopath--you remember: rotten teeth, scorching breath and a fresh bloom of florid acne?), slithered through the mail slot, ignored Dexter's hysterics, and headed straight for your closet with one thing on his still primitive (yet aesthetically advanced) mind, looking for one thing: K O I G U. There it was, beautifully striated, perfectly knit, the object of his (of course it was a man fish) deepest desire, the driving force of his evolution. His teeth began to tingle in anticipation. He took a few practice air chomps, holding off the moment as long as he could. Then, then......Slash! Chomp! Gnash! FRENZY! ECSTASY! I bet if you lift up your rug you'll find his desiccated corpse with little fragments of wool still between his wicked-sharp teeth.