Friday, May 19, 2006

It's been so long since I've updated the blog, I'm having trouble even starting a post. On the weekend, if I don't have brunch plans, its not unusual for me to not open my mouth all day. When I finally hear the sound of my voice, it's strange, a stranger, and it's almost as if I have to practice talking to become myself again. And, that's what it feels like blogging for the first time in a week. After the week of sinus/allergy hell, I was felled by the almighty 48 hour stomach bug. I put down my knitting needles on Saturday, and could not pick them up again until Tuesday - if I can't knit, you know I'm sick. I was so afraid, however, that my mom would think I was exaggerating, or actually had a hangover, or was simply trying to blow-off Mother's Day, that I went to my parent's house anyway. So, for Mother's Day, I not only gave my mom the Kimono Shawl - which she loved, I gave her a stomach virus too. Ooopsy. She was really funny about the Shawl. She decided that yes, in fact, it would go with the brown skirt, but that she would have to buy a cream colored top to go with it. I found it hard to believe that in all her years of clothing accumulation, she didn't have a cream top, but whatever. Then, because the house was fairly chilly, she wore the thing around the house with her jeans. That's it, I told her, you don't need the brown skirt - its the perfect casual look with denim. No, it's not fancy enough . . . Sigh. But, in honor of Mother's Day, even if a little late, I've created a link to my Mother's Chicken Soup Recipe and I'll eventually add it to the side bar. Slurp up!

In podnews, Episode 3.5 is up! I spliced it together from what felt like my deathbed, in time, or actually a bit late for Mother's Day. I called it 3.5 because I could not figure out how to compress the mp3 file in iTunes, and in order to get the file small enough to upload, I had to chop off Sheep and Wool Sluttage. I thought I would just put the S&W Yarn Sluts up as Part II the next night, but I really was wiped out from all of my trips to the bathroom, and then I decided I would just make another episode around it - look for Episode 4 sometime this weekend probably. I did get a chance to listen to Pointy Sticks podcast while on my sickbed, and she had a discussion about the vision of her podcast, not as a personal journal, but as a knitting magazine. I don't know what Knitty D and I were thinking. It was more like Andy Rooney and Judy Garland - hey kids! let's put on the show! We can use the old vaudeville costumes out of Aunt Esmerelda's closet, and use the barn as a stage! Neat-o! I guess I envisioned more of a knitting variety hour a la Sonny and Cher, like the View without Starr Jones and scientology. Anyway, I don't see our vision growing, or changing, we just try to be entertaining - although Knitty D says we don't have to try, we just are.

In actual knitting news, I did drop several rows of Clapotis - now I know what it looks like, and now, I'm over it. Feh, as grandma would say. Oh, I'll pick it up again sometime, but it's really boring!! And you know what else is boring - Icarus - but more about that later, when I get my Team Photo together for the Amazing Lace.

Speaking of the Amazing Lace, I met Theresa last night - we did the Philly yarn circuit - I exercised my bad influence over her, and she bought Koigu at Rosies, and Linen at Loop. Just what she needed, more yarn to cram in her already packed up stash. Did I have my camera to document this monumental meeting of blogs- nope, I forgot. Still braindead from the virus -- maybe it was really the bird flu. I did interview her about the Amazing Lace, though, for the podcast. When I first read the rules, I kind of scratched my head, but thought, since I was already planning a summer of lace, I'd be game and play along. Now, it's all crystal clear.

And, since I got my IRS check back, I treated myself as well -- yes, Knitty D, I bought something - more than one somethings - and you'll have to wait 'til you get back from the Cape and our next Yarn Sluts to see!

Hmmm, I wonder how many times over the next few months I can rationalize presents to myself as a result of my IRS refund?


Dorothy said...

Glad you're feeling better! Don't rationalize, just go with the flow and leave the guilt for something far less vital! ;-)

Theresa said...

Vaudeville is a great model for the podcast - there are reasons it was so popular!

Great to meet you, as well. I was good and put the linen in the trunk. I kept some Koigu out, "just in case." You never know.

christine said...

I do so enjoy your podcast.........I'm off to hear episode 3.5

Christine said...

"hey kids! let's put on the show! We can use the old vaudeville costumes out of Aunt Esmerelda's closet, and use the barn as a stage! Neat-o!"

That sounds like the best idea for a podcast EVER. Seriously, I was way too dramatic about my whole "don't lable me" thing. I like your idea. I'm going to just BE from now on!