Monday, May 01, 2006

Panic in Philly

I've always had the same panic dream - I've overslept for a final, and I'm running around campus trying to figure out if I'm going to fail or not. This, is sort of, based on a true incident. I had this math class that was divided into two parts - the first half of the class was logic, the second statistics. I got a 100 on the midterm - logic, and I stopped going to class, figuring I'd just teach myself statistics. Wrong, oh so wrong. I took the final, and I knew that I had failed the minute I put my pen down. I remember calling my mother and telling her that I had failed my first exam ever. Ok, will you graduate? Sure . . . the 100 and the zero should balance out to a passing grade, right? . . . but, for a few days there, while I waited for the final grades, I was a bit of a wreck. I ended up with my one and only D ever, but I got my diploma and said goodbye to Happy Valley. But, now, whether I'm on trial, or I have a brief due, or whatever, that's my panic dream -- until now.

Now, I have a Maryland Sheep and Wool panic dream. And, I don't know why -- I'm not in a panic, I have a plan. But, back to the dream. First, I dreamed that we weren't going - that I was waiting on a park bench in Rittenhouse Square for Knitty D to pick me up, and that Merrill came by, and said, You know, we're just not going to go. I started wailing - sobbing - sobbing so loud I nearly woke myself up. But, then the scene switched, and we were in the parking lot, and there were a lot of cars trying to get into pole position to drive down to Sheep and Wool. I discover that I only have my Visa card, no cash. So, I go to the money machine, put my card in, and the machine says - SINNER CARD, SINNER CARD. The woman behind me goes, "That means you don't have any money for Sheep and Wool." That can't be, I think, and I dash to the bank right before it closes, where I try to cash a check. The teller is already closing her til, and I find myself begging for money - only to have her look at me like I'm a complete nutso - I just have to have money for Sheep and Wool . . . and the alarm goes off.

And, why am I in a panic? I have no idea. I have a plan - I'm taking my change to Commerce Bank on Friday, and I should be good to go. And, I have a yarn buying plan - I even have the yardages laid out - I need:
1610 yards of laceweight for the Shetland Tea Shawl from Gathering of Lace
3600 yards of laceweight for Frost Flowers and Leaves from Gathering of Lace
1260 yards of laceweight for Peacock Feathers from Fiddlesticks
and 600ish yards for Clapotis

Of course, that list isn't set in stone - I really think that Frost Flowers, to be economically feasible, will probably end up being Zephyr. And that's a whole lot of lace going on - I can't imagine that something in another weight won't call to me . . . and, I have been kind of jonesing to make socks . . . and, there's the Koigu . . . and I really should get the parts to fix my spinning wheel . . .

Sinner card, sinner card . . . it's a good thing my Visa will be going with me.


Theresa said...

What a great time! What fun potential projects. Enjoy!

Dorothy said...

I think your mind is worrying that your plan is going to go out the window the minute you see your first yarn booth!! ;) It's telling you, you'd better make sure you have a LOT of cash before you even set foot on the site or you may find yourself short on cash and long on yearnings!!
Good luck, and have fun! Like that's hard to do at a Sheep and Wool festival!

Christine said...

*swoon* Koigu. I dreamt about it and the blanket the other night. Do you think it is a sign?

I really want the peacock feathers pattern, and no one local has had it recently. I guess I need to order it online. I have so many things I want to make right now!

Sherry W said...
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Sherry W said...

I *hate* those kinds of dreams! You wake up all in a panic and can't calm down for the longest time. I used to have the exam dream, but I would be lost in a building and trying to find the right room for the test.

Stat 2 almost did me in-final semester too. It was my "D for done" class.

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