Thursday, April 10, 2008

Starmore, Take 2!

Armed with my color photos from Ravelry of finished Thoroughbreds, I reassessed my assault on the Shetland yarn at Rosie's. Out went Pistachio, Aubrelita, Shetland Black, Old Gold, Pine Forest, Scotch Broom and Sandalwood, in -
Dusk, Bramble, a Rowan Scottish 4 Ply in Magenta, Peat, Thistledown, Turf, Mint, Mooskit, Willow, Dog Rose, Sand, Lemon, Amber, a Drops Alpaca in a burnt orange, Sunrise and Scarlet.

And here is the newest incarnation of Thorougbreds. I'm much happier with the Magenta.

So, from the bottom to the top - On the bottom is Dusk - which in the original was Blueberry - but I only have 1 skein of Blueberry and the pattern calls for 2 of that color - so I'll have to live with Dusk. Next - Pistashio, a sage green, has turned into Willow, a pale, minty green. The blueberry/purple Aubrelita is now the Rowan 4 Ply Magenta, paired with DogRose, which in the 1st take was Thistledown. Next is a pairing of Peat and Lemon, which was Shetland Black and Scotch Broom. Now here's where I may have messed up again, but I think I'm going to live with it - I have a Rowan 4 Ply walnutty color and Amber - I forget what it was before - Amber and something. I think this Amber may be too dark - the next progression is Sunrise, is a rusty color - and at knitting circle we lined up all the colors, along with the colors that will be on the side, and everything seems to read well. So, here's where it's going to look significantly different than the original, but I'm going to go with it. Unlike that blueberry/purple color that was so wrong yesterday - I don't hate the amber, and I like the Sunrise - not pictured above. So I'm sure Alice would have a cow, but this is a Wendy production.

And for Marissa - thanks so much for the use of your pastry gadgets - here's the racetrack cake we made for Mr. Tall's Grandpop's birthday -

It's a chocolate cake, covered in traditional white icing. The "track" is crushed oreos, the grass, green sugar. The street markings are white Good n Plentys, and the white rim - that's the pastry tubing - yum!

And the cars - chocolate cars from Naked Chocolate, the most decadent place in all of Philadelphia - you really could get naked, and dive right into the personal chocolate fondues. Mr. Tall and I went to the Film Festival on Monday night, and beforehand, we went to Naked Chocolate for dessert. Four different sipping chocolates (classic, milk chocolate, Aztec and Spicy), a counterfull of chocolate pastries, and of course, the fondue, served with fruit, cookies, marshmellows, and rice crispie treats - YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Don't plan to go following a meal - it's way too rich - plan on making it THE meal, and don't skimp - if you're going to go there, forget about the calories, because that would just be silly - there's nothing appropriate for Weight Watchers in this sea of chocolate, peanut butter, carmel, nuts and honey.


mariss said...

Awww! The cake is so cute, I'm glad my pastry bags could be of service! I bet his Grandpop really enjoyed it.

Oh, and the knitting is lovely. I'm glad you're liking the new color combos.

AmyDe said...

Great cake and your chocolate place sounds delightfully decadent.

The sweater is fab! I can't believe you and all that colorwork - it makes my brain hurt to think of attempting something so ambitious - Right on girl!

EmilyG said...

LOVE the new colors! Gonna be stunning!

Yup, Naked Chocolate is the bomb.

Emily said...

I like the amber - and look forward to seeing the sunrise. The amber, although vibrant, seems like a natural colour you might actually see in a garden/ on a Scottish Island with the other colors, whereas the blueberry Aubrelita read as very UNnatural in combination.

Did you try that black-and-white photocopying to get the colours right they talked about in a Knitty article of yore?

WandaWoman said...

I do like the new colors combos too.

That's an awesome cake. And my goodness, the chocolate place sounds amazing and wonderful.

Carol said...

The colors look great! There's also a quilting trick that might help. Look at the yarns through a green and/or red lens to see the values and how they pop out. They are usually called a Value Viewer or some such.

Gorgeous cake!