Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to Everyone! I tried to post yesterday with a photo, but my computer at work wasn't cooperating, and still isn't.

So, I spent sometime last night with the only thing in my life that I apparently have a meaningful relationship with worthy of Valentine's Day - my stash. Yes, I climbed into my closet, and cuddled up to my unfinished projects. We bonded. I apologized for all of the cheating I've done, and promised to pay more attention to them once the Olympics came to a close. I offered up a box of chocolates, but that didn't seem to appease them. They want arms - they want to be sewn together - they want to be comlete. You complete me, they told me. Once Olympic season is over . . . excuses excuses, they screamed. I'm trying . . . NOT GOOD ENOUGH, LIKELY STORY.

I can't win. I want to spend time with them, but . . . those damn baby projects. I was at Rosie's yesterday buying yarn to finish the baby dress. Lisa correctly pointed out that I hadn't quite challenged myself with the baby blanket -- did you really think that would be 2 weeks worth of knitting? Well, of course not, but my deadline was also one week (baby shower), and to me, it's not just the physicality of the sport, but the mental component. Call me evil, call me whatever, BUT I HATE KNITTING BABY CRAP. It fits for all of one day - because the parent is inevitably constantly breastfeeding in public, fattening the kid up. And, that's if the parent will actually let the baby wear the darn thing instead of wrapping it in tissue paper and putting it away for - - for what?? To look at in 20 years when I'm so arthritic I can't knit anymore, and I won't even have a stash to curl up with? Last night, when I hit a bump in the pattern, I was not so secretly happy that I could put it down for the night and work on something I really care about - and I'm teling you, the momentum is gone. I could have cast on the back with the leftovers from the first skein, I could have hand wound the other skein - but I just don't want to.

But, I will perservere, once the pattern is deciphered - and that's the Olympic spirit, right? That mental hurdle is huge, and this really is like a pole vault competition in the end. I've put my stash family on hold, all for the sake of a baby shower I'm not going to, for a baby that's not yet born, for a gift that may be scoffed at since its not on their registry - adversity every where!


Merrill Mason said...

Wendy, you are smart and funny and make me laugh, even at 6pm on a work day.

Merrill Mason said...

Pole vaulting is a summer Olympics sport.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy -

You are really funny and I feel your pain. I too am stuck in baby land and had to switch my Olympic knitting challenge because I have a baby shower on Friday and next week need to finish a mohair scarf/shawl next week for my boss on her last day here. Alas, the veil will have to continue being a personal, private challenge.