Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here it is - the official unofficial Team Philly Button.

Yippee skip! To join Team Philly, email me with your name, email address, and URL address. You have to have a Blogger account, but you can open one up without actually ever maintaining a blog - you'd just become a contributing member of Team Philly. If that's too much work for you, you can always email me pictures of your Olympian progress, and I'll post the pictures for you.

Yo Philly, let's get knitting!


Merrill Mason said...

Okay, okay. so I'm signing up. I've got the Comcast cable guy coming on Friday and I'm taking the day off to sit home and wait for him. That means I'll have TV by Fri. night, just in time for the Olympics! Now, what to do? I think it should be the top-down from Grace's class sine I need to focus on ONE PROJECT. But I've discovered a fatal flaw with my yarn choice: it sheds all over my black pants. What to do?

Cara said...

Hey Wendy! Thanks for your comment today. My button is about all the planning I'm doing for Team Philly, so feel free to steal the button for the blog and sign me up!

I'll be linking you to my blog as soon as I hit send. Thanks for setting this up!

Theresa said...

I'm from Philly! I'm from Philly! (Actually, Bucks Co. but close enough.) And even though I'm currently in RI and I'm moving to San Diego this summer, I'll still be a Penna resident.

Maybe you didn't need to know that? Anyway, I want to support Team Philly. I'm knitting Am Kamin, the Crossed in Translation sweater. I guess I'd better wind some yarn, hadn't I?

Beverly said...

Sign me up! I'll be knitting the Mac and me ruffled scarf (for me, this time). Just the appropriate level of challenge so that I don't let the entire team down by over-estimating both my time and ability.

purlewe said...

Sign me up!!! I'm a phillyknitter and proud of it.. Heck, I even live near where they are filming the new Rocky movie :)

So add me on.. I'll post pics for me and my SO who is also knitting her first apir of socks for this event.