Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Anne Squared

So, the Summer of Lace hasn't been kind to poor Icarus, but I have laced on - here is my finished Anne Shawl - a Courtney Kelly design.

This was my first experience with test knitting, and I have to say, it was much easier than knitting say, a pattern written by Noro for Noro - I will never do that again.

There were some blips in the pattern, but we'll fix them. I kind of guessed my way through the edging chart, and because she didn't put a gauge on the pattern (not that I ever get gauge anyway), mine turned out a little smaller than hers - I think. Her pattern says 60" inch square, but I'm not sure what measurement she took. From corner to corner, my square measures 57", but from edge to edge, it's only 40" - and from what I remember about her shawl, and from the picture that accompanied the pattern, I really don't think mine is a whole 20" shorter on each side than hers. I don't know - we'll have to compare when she comes back to town (which is September for all of you Philly Courtney fans!).
So here are a couple of close-ups of the pattern - the center is a tile stitch (similar to the one in Knitty's Ella, but since it's knit in the round, there's no nasty k2tbl's), and the edging pattern is a lotus. I didn't do a great job blocking the lotus points, but that may have been because I cast off a bit tight.

If anyone is interested in this pattern, once it's fixed, it will probably be available at Rosie's. Courtney already has a few patterns that you can find on the Rosie racks - some are published as Rosie's patterns, the newer ones are coming out under her own line, Agnes Pattern Co. There's
an awesome baby jacket in Koigu, the 1/2 pi shawl that I yadda yadda yadda on about on the podcast, a new sock pattern, and I'm sure there's more to come.

Because it turned out a bit small, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to wear it - although
that problem might be solved with some mighty airconditioning - I can't even stand the thought of touching the thing right now, let alone wrapping myself in any kind of wool in this 90 billion degree weather - and my airconditioner is busted.

So - what's a girl to do - switch to silk of course! Last Thursday, Rosie's kicked off it's huge Hand-dye Extravaganza. I knew what I wanted, and I was going to get it - so I was on Rosie's doorstep about a half hour after the store opened (camping out also occurred to me). Sherry was already there, and of course, had been the first to snag the Anne. I headed straight for the Handmaiden Sea Silk, 70% silk, 30% sea cell, 100% beautiful! Not that I should be in the market for anything, but I was looking for something completely off the beaten path from my usual color pallet - I was looking for something to do Eunny Knit's Print o' the Wave Stole, and I found it -- I snatched it off the shelf, and it was mine mine mine! The only other 2 blue skeins had gone seconds before I walked in the door (to another lawyer, go figure). I'm 8 repeats into the pattern (17 repeats per 1/2 - then they are, ugh, grafted together), and I just love love love this yarn. It's so soft, and it definitely solves the wool problem . . .

Hmm, yes, there is wool in my little hand-dyed stash - but I needed it I really did. I had to try Carol's new sock yarn from her labor of love, Black Bunny Fibers. Carol is living out my spinning fantasy. Remember when I bought my wheel - how I carried it across town, how I tweaked it, and got it to run - how I slowly began to get the hang of it - and I was starting to make something that somewhat resembled yarn - and then it all came crashing down, literally, when my shoe-stealing cleaning lady knocked my wheel over, busting the flyer. Had my spinning career not been derailed, I envisioned myself spinning my own sock yarn - not necessarily selling it, but dyeing it, naming it, etc. But, so far, that is not to be (because to fix the wheel would be a distraction from the knitting - maybe when I go to Rhinebeck I'll get a new flyer). This skein is called Poodle, and it was named for Lisa's daughter, Eva. First, I thought I was going to do the new RPM socks in this month's Knitty in this, but I'm not sure . . . it needs to be something special. If anyone is interested in Carol's Black Bunny Fibers - it's available at Rosie's, and at Carol's Etsy shop.

And, truly - I did need that Anne you see in the pile. I had purchased a skein of Anne online at Little Knits, and it was being sold in a lot of 2 - but by the time it got in my check-out cart, someone had already snatched up the matching skein. But, miracle of miracles, there was the twin in Rosie's latest shipment of Anne - I couldn't pass that up, could I?

I mean it was my birthday and everything . . .

And, speaking of birthday's, what could be a better birthday present than more Anne??? That's exactly what Merrill thought when she bought me one of the skeins of this green Anne - ok, so I had to buy the matching one, but when you find 2 identical skeins, you can't split them up, can you?


Dorothy said...

Your shawl looks great.

Love the yarn score! Great colours. What does the SeaSilk smell like?

Knitty Delicious said...

you are a whore
no longer a yarn slut

a yarn whore

Wendy said...

WHEN WAS YOU'RE BIRTHDAY?? I scream because mine was on Monday and if yours was too, well ... :))

Courtney said...

I measured mine and it was 40" square. I don't know where I got 60" from. I think it should be bigger too. It is good with a shawl pin, though. When I finalize the pattern I'm going to up the gauge (mine is 4.5-5, like yours) to 4/inch and up the needle to a 4.5mm. Oh, and I officially have a blog now! (

Anonymous said...

Great looking shawl! Do you know what color the Anne is that you used? I love the pink/yellow colorway. Love your podcast. I am on episode 10 and look forward to the rest. Thanks to you both. Kudos.
Sherrill Allen