Friday, July 28, 2006

Give that Anne a Ticket for Jaywalking!

Ta da! Doesn't Anne look fabulous? I knew as soon as I saw that red/black/grey/green/purple skein it would make the perfect Jaywalkers. I started out on 1's, but unfortunately, I didn't like the way the fabric looked, and I dropped down to zero's. These are about the same size, maybe a tad bigger, than my Pomatomous sock, and Anne is stretchier than Cherry Tree Hill. Also, I'm making these for someone who could have been the inspiration for the phrase, "skinny legs and all."

Speaking of phrases, I realized just how pedestrian I am the other night in knitting circle when Merrill and Beverly started hurtling insults (in jest of course) at each other - that is so jejune! and I thought they were complimenting each other. Just goes to show how puerile I am!

And, here is my progress on the Print of the Wave -
in person, it's mind blowingly beautiful - I can't recommend this yarn enough - it's beautiful, its soft, it's beautiful, it doesn't split, it's beautiful, it's not too slippery - oh, and by the way, it's beautiful. You can't tell from the picture, but I guess it's about 2 ft long at this point, so I have a ways to go. For some reason, the complete frenzy to cast on is over, and I'm calmly knitting the Jaywalkers and the stole. I think it may be because I had a vision in my head about what a particular yarn was going to look like knit in a particular pattern, and now that my vision is realized, I've reached an inner piece.

Of course, that may all go up in smoke when I have a vision about the Anne that I bought on Wednesday . . . oh yes, it's clearly a sickness, but not at all jejune.


JoAnn, Wynnewood, PA said...

I just downloaded the pattern for print o' the wave. Looks like a really beautiful thing. I will have to wait on this because I just bought yarn at that little show in King of Prussia and have a couple of things pending, even as we speak such as a sweater that I have to finish the front, a scarf in feather and fan, and the rambling rows throw that I bought a Loop. It's all your fault - I too have become a yarn slut.
Since we're on your own blog could you tell me if you know Glen Gilman, my friend, and if Ronen used to work at the Israeli Consulate in the late '90's.
Keep knitting. Put on sunscreen and have a good weekend.

Knitty Delicious said...







Dorothy said...

Now, I must find Ann somewhere that ships to Canada and takes paypal.

Contagious. I may have to put those socks in Quarantine. Hand 'em over.

Lisa said...

GASP squared. Love them both.