Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You would think I would learn after 37 years, that you can't bend, change, or break people or things to your will. Let's see - I tried to change Kenny - get him to stop lying, gambling, stealing from the cheerleaders, and taking prescription diet pills that made him crazy, and tried to get him to start shaving, go to work on time, show up in court when subpoenaed, wear a suit to court, get rid of the tie with the boy peeing into a bucket on it, and generally, be a nicer person. Hmmm - did any of that work? No, of course not. What I should have done instead of magically trying to change him into another person, was to dump him, and find that person that I was trying to make him be.

And, I've now applied that life lesson to my yarn. Yes, I have been dumping yarn.

First, I originally bought four skeins of Anne in a red, purple, orange, and pink colorway to make Geyl. As you all know, I ended up making Geyl in Koigu. Instead of keeping the Anne, I RETURNED IT. Well, I exchanged it for another color, but the point is, I could have kept that Anne in my stash, but nope - off it went when it didn't do what I told it to.

Then, I went in search of Kersti. I wanted to make the Kersti Pimlico shrug from Knit2Together (sorry no pic - I'm at work, and I can't find a pic online). I hadn't looked at the pattern in awhile, and I just grabbed the book, and went shopping. I assumed that Kersti yarddage was comparable to the KPPPM - but I was so wrong. Kersti is only 107 yards, and the darn shrug calls for 14-15 balls - I liked the shrug, but my like did not add up to $175. But, I had Kersti on the brain, and I tried to come up with a smaller project. Kersti is a DK weight yarn, 5.5 stitches to the inch. I thought I could get 4.5 stitches to the inch, and remake my Razorshell capelet that I had originally knit in Kureyon, and had also succumbed to the moth infestation. So, I bought five skeins, and went home, found the pattern. Oops - it's supposed to be 4 stitches to the inch. I plowed on anyway, and cast on on 10's. You know that I really wanted this to work, because it's a picot cast on - and 324 stitches. But, alas, it looked like crap, and out it came. Not willing to give up on this relationship quite yet, I went down a needle size, and cast on again. I still didn't love the way it looked -

but, I knit on - until I realized, I was knitting a moebius. Unbelievable -

So, I did some soul searching, and dumped the Kersti - it was not a 4 stitch to the inch yarn, it never would be, and I just couldn't make it do what I wanted it to do. Instead of trying to make Kersti into the worsted weight yarn that it's not, I've decided that when the mood strikes me to make another capelet, I'm going to by yarn that's just right for the pattern. It was an easy break-up - no hard feelings. Kersti and I will meet again someday - at 5.5 stitches per inch.


AmyDe said...

Good for you! Dump those misbehaving yarns! Yarn should work for YOU - not the other way around.
I've been clearing out my stash and *GASP* giving yarn away. Not that I don't like having yarn or believe you can really have too much - it's just that I had things I knew I was NEVER going to knit. Many of my friends are now the proud owners of really GOOD yarn (I do work in the shop after all).
Have fun with your stash!

chris said...

Well Said! I've come to realize things like that myself - and why I bonk myself over the head - or worse yet - bonk the yarn over the head trying to make it into something it's not? I don't know. But, there is hope.

Christine said...

You know what? I think that once again, I am going to have to embrace your wisdom. No point in knitting something that you just won't like.

Theresa said...

The drama! The emotion! And people think knitting is for those with nothing better to do!

Cheryl said...

I love your attitude! Especially on buying yarn when you want to! I tell my husband that if the worst thing I do is occasionally buy too much yarn(or fabric!) then I don't think that's too bad. There could always be worse things! Your attitude is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

It was the right thing to do with the yarn. You can't bend yarn (or a person) to your ways just because you want it to be so. People don't change or bend to your will and neither does yarn, it just becomes stiff and unyielding and that's never good for a project. Sorry it didn't work out for you, but you do have some pretty Kersti and the right project will make itself known to you at another time.

Wren said...

Did you ever come across a yarn that is comparable to Kertsi? I, too, want to tackle that Pimlico Shrug, but not for some $180 it would cost in Koigu yarn. There's got to be another (cheaper) solution. I'm now working on the Rowena Cardigan in Superwash Cascade 220, and it's turning out nicely. BTW: I did a pair of beautifully plump, lush socks in Koigu yarn. Cozy!
Please advise.