Monday, December 12, 2005

Dirty Little Secret

Voila! C'est fini! And, not a moment too soon - I have a new project on the needles, that involves a load of chartreuse angora falling off the back of a truck at Kensington and Allegheny, but you'll have to wait for those shots tomorrow. The angora feels like budda, and I can't can't can't put it down.

Anyway, I went to block the friend with benefits scarf, and pulled my blocking board out from its hiding spot behind the t.v. I didn't have to block Silk Garden Reincarnate, and I didn't block any of that baby stuff, so it's been a while since I've used the board. I wet the scarf down, positioned it on the board, and began pinning. Then, I noticed a smell. I looked around - and noticed this very faint stain on the board - I pulled the scarf up - the dog had somehow, sometime, managed to pee on my blocking board. Uch! Uch! Uch! Hopefully, the wood underneath the mat and the grid is ok, I couldn't even deal with it last night. I just threw it in the backyard to be dealt with at a later date.

So, I blocked the scarf on a futon, and, well, let's just say I really need those grid lines - the ends are definitely wider than the middle, but not so noticeably so, that I felt the need to do it again - I mean, really, angora awaits and that would take away from knitting time. I think it's just something I'll always know - my dirty little pee-board secret. Hopefully, Mr. I Only Want Black and Grey, will know better than to open his trap if he actually notices the scarf's trapezoid tendencies -- you never know when those benefits are going to run out.


Stuntmother said...

Congratulations! How funny that I should see you knitting the scarf in Loop on Sunday and then stumble across your blog (via the PhillyKnitters webring) on Tuesday. It's a lovely scarf and trapeziod or perfect, it's a great piece of work.

synaesthetica said...

Oh Dexter, you are such an ANIMAL! Chesty send's his best.