Monday, December 26, 2005

I am so flummoxed, I might as well have developed a stutter. First, she steals my shoes. Then, she cleans my toilet with my toothbrush. And, finally, she knocks over my spinning wheel, breaking the thing that holds the flyer in place. Ready to fire her . . . and then she gets me freakin' flowers for the holidays!
I was in such disbelief, that I called all of the people who have my key, hoping that someone else left flowers while I was gone for the weekend, anyone but cleaning lady - I even called my dogwalker. She laughed. Only one person left, cleaning lady. When I called her, and she said she had indeed left them for me, I wasn't even pleased - I was pissed. I couldn't fire her now, and I felt compelled to get in the holiday spirit and leave her a small holiday bonus. I am sorry ass sucker.
But, now it's time for our favorite game - what's in mom's knitting bag? Yes, I had to peak while I was home for the weekend, and to my delight:
Yes, finally, it's the Anne/Kidsilk Haze Alison Scarf. Of course, I got the nasty job of picking up the fifty billion stitches on the side edge, but I was just so pleased that the plastic scarves had been replaced by pretty pretty Anne. I offered to show her how to pick up stitches - you can never make a collar unless you know how to pick up stitches, I told her. That's what I have you for, she replied. I'm too old to learn anything new - I just want to knit, I don't really want to make sleeves - I think I'll make a vest next. And, of course, my holiday bubble was burst when my sister-in-law walked in wearing the plastic scarf - uch. I guess I should just be grateful that it's not the Dead Dog Scarf, sigh.

But then, I blew a new holiday bubble when I got my Hanukah present - a $50 gift certificate for Rosie's. Good job, bro! Keep up the good work!


synaesthetica said...

Wendy, the ochre--yes, it's ochre (but with a hint of chartreuse)--vintage cardigan is fab. And FINISHED. How do you do it? I had a wonderful Christmas in Wash DC with the 4 perfect god-daughters. Felt like Marmie in Little Women. Will post pics on Synaesthetica once I have a smidgen of time. Annoyingly, I'm having to pay attention to my job. Rosie's Wed?

Chelle said...

She knocked over your spinning wheel!? Oh for the love of wool, Wendy, lose the cleaning woman. Three strikes ...

The flowers are lovely but not enough. New year, new cleaning person.