Thursday, December 15, 2005

This is so me, isn't it? Demure, sophisticated, yet a touch of Donna Reed. I can see me wearing this to the prison on any given day.

But, I just couldn't resist sale Angora, and while petting this decadent yarn: I had visions of Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, and Gidget, in their tight little angora/mohair sweaters. And, since I've always wanted to be a cute, buxom blond in an angora sweater, I pulled out my vintage pattern mag from ebay, and added a twist of chartreuse:
Of course, picking a size was as wretched as ordering a bridesmaid's dress - yes, I'll get that big pink one with the bow in a Size 20. The pattern is sized for a 12, 14, 16, 18, and according to their chart, I am a 16. Well, so was Marylin Monroe, so I guess I'm ok. Then, I had to figure out how much yardage, when of course, you can't get Bernant brushed mohair on your local shelves anymore. A little google here, and a little google there, and I came up with 9 skeins, with one for good measure. Time to cast on - I cast on quickly on Merril's five's, knit four rows, and had Grace measure. Wendy, you know you don't have enough on there . . . I know, I know, so she shook her head, and measured anyway, and said it looked right. Wrong - I knit half the back when I realized I was knitting a cardigan for a five year old. So, I ripped it out, cast on on 7's, and knit up again. Then, I did the front. I don't know what I was thinking, but the first time I picked up the ribbed border, I picked up all the way around the side to the armhole. Oopsy. Out that came too -- I was clearly drunk from anyone one of a number of Xmas parties, on any given night.

So, I've now finished both fronts, and I'm onto a sleeve. So, if I stay sober, I should have this finished for the holiday weekend!


yahaira said...

wow, that's fast knit. I love the color you chose, is that from the loop sale? The prison guards will love it.

now I have to go find some cool vintage patterns on ebay.

synaesthetica said...

One button at the top, right? Hmmmm....gray mother of pearl?