Thursday, December 22, 2005

What A Little Sobriety Will Do for a Girl

I'm exhausted! I knit an entire sleeve, sewed up the shoulder, side seams, and set in one sleeve - enough! Penance for my wicked ways (yep, drinkin' again last night - office Xmas party and friend's birthday). The pattern says to knit the collar, then sew it on -- I'm not sure why it's not picked up, I'll figure that out tomorrow. So far, while our office is closing early tomorrow, I have no plans for any drunken behavior (although PD's and early dismissal usually make for a liquid afternoon into an ugly evening, that's probably why our office had a lame-o party on a Wednesday night, with only 3 bottles of wine for 300 people), and I should still be on schedule to finish the thing for the holiday weekend.

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