Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Someone Might Need a PD in New Orleans . . .

Dear Rosie's West Wingers -

I cannot make it tonight, galpals; frantically packing for New Orleans this weekend, i.e., spending all except 20 minutes sorting through needles, yarn etc., and leaving the clothes until I'm ready to start the car.) Clothing, let alone CLEAN clothing, are never a priority for Decadence in NOLA.

Am planning on visiting the "Oh my no, we only sell Italian and European yarns" yarn shop on Jackson Square. Packing 2 skeins of Red Heart and jamming it in one of their bins. Asked the woman what about short-rowing socks, and her response was "we dont short row here." Something tells me she didnt knit here either.

ANYWAY, enough of the TOYS talk. (Trash other Yarns Stores). Hope you've a good weekend. I still looking for work, so PLEASE if ANYTHING comes up, let me know.


P.S. Did any of you catch the article describing the 8 year captivity of the Austrian girl? In those 8 years, one of the few things her captor allowed her was a knitting book, and she taught herself to knit.
Im sorry, but she wins in the category "Where and when did YOU learn to knit.". I would have knit and worn a caftan out of Lolita and Punk . It would have taken him 6 hours and he would have gladly let me go home.

Love you all like my Leaky Levees,


Just thought I'd share that with everyone - I certainly got a good tee hee.

And, Jennie, Lisa and Katia - winners of Ben on a Bench - your stitchmarkers are on the way! I dropped them in the mail this morning, and hopefully, they will arrive in one piece.


Lisa T. said...

That poor girl in Austria should've used her knitting needles for something OTHER than knitting! (I'm sure EVERY knitter would've stood behind her for THAT!!)

Ellen said...

I've been to that yarn store near Jackson Square - the only thing I bought was a purse kit for my sister. It did seem a little like "knitting as accessory." I wonder if it is still there?

katia said...

Oh, so exciting! Thanks Wendy, I look forward to the stitch markers.

I'll send a pic of stitch markers in use when I finally finish my trellis lace scarf and cast on for Icarus!


Dorothy said...

Like the letter. Sounds like my recent trip. I spent more time making sure I had enough yarn, needles and patterns than I did making sure I had enough clothes.

Merrill Mason said...

That Eddie. Effortless, brilliant. He should can the job search and just start writing freelance commentary.