Friday, September 02, 2005


So, I was at the pool, a bar night, by the way, not a knitting night, and one of the poolside knitters approached me, and said, you have to see what I made - I knew you'd be interested!!! We walked over to her lounge chair, she pulled out her plastic baggie, and out came - ah! - I recoiled - a scalped poodle. Black curls cascading around her fingers, down her arm. Isn't it great!!!! She held the shorn standard poodle under my nose, smiling, way too close to my face. Hmmm, yes! it's . . . great? great! What was I supposed to say in the face of her dead pet? Interesting yarn? Yes, she smiled as she waved the scarf around - I've made it for gifts -- she recounted at least 5 people who this Christmas will be the lucky recipients of dead dog scarves.

Speechless. Everyone, please, go home and hug your puppy tonight!


Anonymous said...
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Merrill Mason said...

Ask the dead pet knitter if she wants to buy some of my early novelty yarn purchases. Maybe she wants some acrylic?

xo, mm