Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Protest (Again!)

There are well over 2 dozen dead poodle scarves walking around out there! The madness must stop!! At Poolside Knitters on Monday, the poodle slayer was knitting another one - in PUKE GREEN! She was still knitting, and hadn't yet begun to fray the yarn (apparently, you knit the length of the hank, bind off the middle four stitches, and rip out the length of the scarf on either side of the bound off stitches), and someone asked her what it was going to look like - I piped up - a poodle? This was met with a frosty stare. "I've made well over 2 dozen of them, they're great gifts." Here is the great gift (pic from Goddess Yarns website):
Truly, the picture does not do it justice. The yarn is nubby, so it really really does have the texture of a poodle. I'm sure when wet, it smells like a poodle as well. And this THIS is the description on the Goddess Yarn website "Simple to knit with just the right touch to dress up for evening or add a touch of class to your favorite jeans." A touch of class? Maybe a touch of potential fleas.

Anyway, Monday was the last night for Poolside Knitters at the actual pool. We are moving our location to Chaucers, 20th and Lombard, from 6-8 on Monday nights. All are welcome - please, please, please come save me! Of course, if whoever you are shows up, then I will have to explain to the other Poolside knitters who you are, will have to confess my blog, and then face the wrath if they choose to read it. I kind of feel like Harriet the Spy, whose notebook is about to be discovered. But, in the end, it all worked out for Harriet though, and the dead dog scarf maker is retiring to Florida for the winter anyway - where they have a real need for scarves?

On my own knitting front, (now that I'm done bitching about what other people are knitting - if I would just mind my own business I'd be a much nicer person), I knit up one sock for my dad from the new Rowan Classic Winter:
in the new Rowan soft tweed:

While not quite "Dryer Lint" as christened by Beverly, I just don't like it. I know many people do, it's soft, yadda yadda, but I just don't like the way it looks. I've been told over and over it looks fine, it looks like tweed, I think it looks like it has dandruff (although I can't show you a picture because . . . new computer arrives tomorrow, so I can stop complaining about that as well!), and the sock didn't look like something I wanted to give as a present to my daddy. So, I began a new sock, this time in VIP, 80% wool, 20% cashmere, on 4's - from the new Sarah Dallas book, Knitting:
No, silly, I'm not doing them for my daddy in pink. The main color is blue, and the cuff/heel/toe are red. It was quite a race -- I started, oh, Thursday? maybe, and on Sunday, a day I had blocked out for Eagles and knitting - I lost my cable needle. In a panic - I was rescued! Thank you cable needle man! That would have been a whole night of t.v. wasted, and the Emmy's were on too (see Christina's blog for a round-up of Emmy, cough, "fashion"). So, I have one sock done, and his b-day was yesterday. No matter, the bris is tonight, and he will be presented with one fine sock, along with his newly circumsized grandson. Ouch!

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Knitty Delicious said...

Wendy I like those sarah dallas socks...can you bring that book Sat so I can puruse?

Also mark your calendar for Oct 16th knit-a-rama at my house
I might join you on Monday's at Chaucers, but I know you from Rosies so you cover will not be blown. C