Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's Cold in Those Darn Hills

Helmetliners in Iraq? Isn't it really hot there? Apparently, this is what inquiring minds (along with the poolside knitters, who aren't really inquiring, but just nosy, who walked by me several times this weekend and went heh?) want to know. So, this is from the Helmetliners website:

"We currently have more than 200,000 troops in overseas theaters where they are subjected to sub-zero windchills during the winter. Please help us have a warm helmetliner for each one of these troops before next winter. While this is a formidable goal, if everyone knows about the need, we can meet it. People are glad to help our troops if they know what they can do."

So, I guess the answer is, if it's cold in Iraq, that's where they'll go, and if it isn't, we have soldiers stationed all over the world - Germany, Serbia, everywhere --and it's still a nice thing to do whether the soldier is in an active combat zone, or serving our country in another port of the world.

And, the correct spelling of Bimigi is "Bemidji." I would recommend it for any project that calls for an enormous amount of yarn -- it's pretty inexpensive, and the yardage is great. While it's not the softest wool on the planet, its warm warm warm, and while I did have a moth problem, I think that's more a function of my 100+ yr. old house, than the yarn itself. See, it's yummy yarn, too.

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