Friday, September 16, 2005


So Robin - you missed Knitting Circle Wednesday - you missed
the cake, and,
the ice cream and the streamers.
We had our party hats on, and our noisemakers
all ready for when you walked through the door.
This is the last time we throw you a surprise party!

While we cried in our cupcakes that Robin blew off her birthday party, we did admire Rosie's store sample of Rowan 38's Abigail Scarf:

We all ooo'ed and ah'd, because it's actually much lovelier in person (which, I find is a rare thing) than it is in the magazine. And, while the picture is deceptively simple, you can see when you actually hold the real scarf in your hands why the pattern is actually pretty complex. So, the discussions began about how a. to dumb it down, and b. make it cheaper. Well, we could substitute x yarn, hmm . . . we could cut the width in half. . . and then Jim sensibly said, "But then you wouldn't have the thing that you fell in love with."

Isn't that our problem so often? Boyfriends, houses, cars - we fall in love with one thing, then, we want to cut, paste and sew them into something else. But, the one thing that is always a guarantee - something you never want to change, something you want to stay the same forever - a baby:

Yes, my future nephew is now my actual nephew Jacob -- all 6 lbs, 6 oz's of him. It's a good thing I finished the baby sweater (which you can see here (no, my new computer is not yet ready, still no digital camera!!!!) since he was five days early.

And, of course, our little man will always be the perfect size, the perfect weight, and hopefully, made of the perfect material. And, by the way Robin, if you're still feeling guilty, you really only missed a box of Entenmann's:


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Anonymous said...

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Shoe Diva said...

I like your blog:-)

Robin said...

I REALLY am sorry for missing knitting on Wednesday. And even if it wasn't a whole party, I still in fact regret missing the entenmann's....Much more importantly- Congratulations to Auntie Wendy!!!! As you well know, being an aunt is one of my absolute greatest joys (not to mention knitting amusements). Wishing you and your family much joy!!! Can't wait to see more pics- especially of Jacob in your lovely sweater!

Knitty Delicious said...

Wendy--I am going to make that frickin Rowan thing. I've been dreaming about it since Wednesday night. The baby photos are great!@

Leah said...

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Carol said...

Hi Wendy! See, I told you I'd check out your cool blog. Looks like it's time for the old character recognition spammer-B-gone technique. Now I have to catch up with your archives.

Merrill Mason said...

Wendy, that baby is DELICIOUS! Truly precious, and worthy of an endless number of adorable, postage stamp-sized knitting projects.

Save the Entenmann's for next Wed.

Merrill Mason said...

Oh yeah: I like the BIOHAZZARD sing lurking over your left shoulder.