Thursday, September 29, 2005

Oh Say Can You Spin . . . Uh . . .

Ok, ok, keep an open mind when you see my poor little spindle. I mean, really, what can you expect on a first attempt -- I mean, truly, who has an orgasm the first time she has sex? Let's look at the positive of this, well, frankly, really ugly, lumpy skein -a. there's a twist to it, b. I got it on the spindle. And, that's all you can really say about first time sex - there's a twist, and it goes in. At least, with this, there was no pain. And, like sex - it's only going to get better. So, with that in mind, here it is:

Yeah, well . . . I'm having problems, as you can see. First of all, I didn't prepare the fibers - so it didn't really draft, it was kind of stuck. Also, I'm having trouble getting the spindle to spin, consistently. A nice woman at Rosie's showed me how to spin during knitting circle, and I definitely was having an easier time with her fiber, which was nice and silky and seemed to flow like cream into a twist, and with her stopping my spindle before it started to spin backwards. I really think I could get it on a wheel - because all of my issues seem to stem from the darn penis, oops, I mean spindle, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that kind of investment.

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