Sunday, April 23, 2006

Going Going Gone!

So, the moment you've all been waiting for - drum roll puhleaze! One year, one baby, and 11 skeins of Koigu later - it's Robin's Super Fantastic Koigu Rambling Rows Baby Blanket:

Could it be any more perfect? It just doesn't seem right that some little bugger is now going to spit up, poop and pee on it - at least Koigu is machine washable!

If you haven't been impressed by my attempts to push this pattern on everyone, maybe you're convinced now. This is the most versatile pattern ever, and every blanket is an original. They say that the best actors and actresses are really stupid - empty vessels that are just waiting to be filled up with someone else's words, feelings, emotions, etc. With the right director, the right script, voila! - it's magic! This blanket is that great director, great script, great co-star all rolled into one - it will make any knitter look like a genius, anyone can be a superstar with this pattern.

And, in other knitting circle news, I may have missed Marian's kitty creature, but I got to Rosie's (in my drunken/buying state which lead to the purchase of massive amounts of koigu from which my bank account may never recover)just in time to meet the bunny I believe that Marian said this bunny was birthed from a Patternworks kit. So, if you ever wanted your own pet Bunny, but didn't want the atrocious mess that comes from the bunny cage, this pattern might be for you.

And, I know that you're all dying to know how much a I went for at the Friend's Select Auction. How much is my time really worth? Now, for my clients, I'm free, but if I were private counsel, I guess my billing rate would be, oh, I don't know, I think my co-counsel in the La Salle trial made upwards of $15,000.00 - you do the math. So, I must have gone for a pretty penny at the auction, right? Well, it's hard to say what my worth really is, because I was combined with the Tangled Webs' contribution, a stash of novelty yarn - so was the winning bidder bidding on me or the yarn or both?

Hopefully not both, because we went for a measly $60.00! My prostitute clients from K & A make more than that!!! Anyway, because the bidding was by anonymous number, I have no idea who won, or how to get in touch with them - so if it's you, and you got me at the bargain basement Kmart price - shoot me an email, and we'll set up your lesson!


Kathy said...

The blanket is gorgeous! What a lucky baby to be swaddled in Koigu!

Sherry W said...

Only $60!!! What a deal! Too bad you didn't get more.

Oh, and I want that bunny.

Christine said...

ONLY $60??? Heck, I would fly back to Philly and pay more than that for lessons with you! (Can we go to Capogiro while I'm there? I'm such a sucker for Capogiro.)

The blanket is BEAUTIFUL. *swoon* I want to make one for ME! Woudln't it be a lovely lap blanket?

So, Rosie's has Koigu, huh? Care to share photos? Do you offer personal shopping services if we PayPal you funds in advance? (We have no good Koigu in Houston right now.)

Christine said...

Just wanted to let you know I did a search in iTunes for "knit" and your podcast showed up! I'm all subscribed now, and can't wait for the commute in the morning to listen!

Dorothy said...

What a fabulous blanket! That blanket will be appreciated for years!!
Too bad you only got $60.00 in your auction.