Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pod Knitting

I never really understood talk radio. I listen to the news in the morning, check KYW at least once a day, watch the 6:00 news after work, and generally fall asleep during the evening news at 11:00. I'm a lawyer. I listen to people who love to talk all damn day. Why would I want to hear more talking? When I was invited to be on NPR, I didn't even know who Marty Moss-Kohane was, I didn't know she broadcast live, and I had no idea that I had to be early. I got there five minutes before we went on air, they rushed me into a chair, a boom mic hung in front of my face, and I got to wear those nifty headphones. After we recorded the show, they gave me the information to get a copy of the tape. I passed it along to my parents, but me? I've never listened to a copy of the show ever. Why would I want to hear myself talk? Especially, hear myself talk about a proposed voter referendum to amend the constitution to allow children to testify via closed circuit t.v. in sexual assault cases? Uch. Radio was for music, and baseball, and that's it.

But now, I'm obsessed. One podcast lead to another. My Ipod is now jam packed with podcasts - knitting podcasts. I love to listen to people talk about their knitting- even if they're not even very good knitters. Recently, at a knitting circle, Beverly asked me to recommend a podcast to her, and I told her that I intended to do a blog reviewing each podcast, blog post coming soon. Since then, I've been investigating maybe recording my own podcast (well, not my own, there might be a Knitty D and the City podcast in the works), and spent last night reading Podcasting for Dummies. Well, I must be one big dummy, because it looks awfully hard to me. And, who has the time for this? I thought to myself, between the writing, recording, editing, show notes, and uploading. Is this something I want to commit myself to?

I'm still mulling that over, but in my mulling, I've scraped the idea of reviewing any podcasts. Anyone who puts themselves out there in this format shouldn't be reviewed - no one is a professional podcaster, no one is being professionally recorded - and everyone is so gosh darn nice and generous with their time. Interviewers laud interviewees, interviewees thank interviewers for thoughtful questions, everyone promotes everyone elses podcast, and everyone just loves knitting so much - it would just be wrong to be critical. And, it just brings the knitting community a little closer together. I was listening to Two Pointy Sticks the other day, by a woman from Texas. Next thing I knew, in her Texas twang, she was talking about how she had been in Philly, and bought the Half Pi Shawl pattern from Rosie's, and how that was what she was working on that week. Texas meets Philly, and it's all on my Ipod.

So, instead, I will say, that if you do only have time for one podcast, you must download this one, my favorite podcast, Cast-On, with Brenda Dayne. The other podcasts that I listen to, are on my sidebar. Each one is a little different, I have my favorites of those too, but try them out, see what appeals to you. But, Cast-On, I think, is for every knitter. There's something just so soothing and relaxing listening to Brenda talk about her knitting. Her show is thoughtful, and her knitting is thoughtful. It's organized, well-written, and well-recorded. I could go on, but you should probably just listen yourself - I assure you, it's much more entertaining that I was on NPR.


Merrill Mason said...

WG, I MUST listen to your Marty Moss-Cohane interview. You know I worship NPR. well, maybe not exactly. But they're great to knit/multi-task to. Haven't jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet. Too much techno learning needed when I can barely operate my iPod on the most basic level. Give me 2 sticks and some vegetable fiber.

Christine said...

Not only am I still working on the Half Pi Shawl (13 rows to go - at 288 stitches per row!) but I visited all the other yarn shops while in Philly that weekend too! Plus another shop outside of Philly, where I picked up the goods to learn how to spin. I even hung out with Philly knitters! Whee! How cool is that?

I plan to return to Philly in the future - I had a fabulous time while I was there - and I'll let you know so maybe we can get together!

I've never read any books on Podcasting - I did have the help of my husband, but other than that it was just a matter of getting a mic and figuring out Audacity. It does take time, but the rewards make it *so* worthwhile!

christine said...

I SO agree with you on the podcasts - I love them! I listen in the afternoon, when I need a "think" break. What is it about listening to other people talk about their knitting that is so fascinating? Got me........If you do a podcast, I'll listen.

Sherry W said...

I just started listening to podcasts myself. fibercast is interesting too, but the sound quailty needs help sometimes.

I love cast on, but I admit I sometimes forward through the music.

Stuntmother said...

I have been unconvinced about podcasting but I am feeling more inclined after your post. I think of knitting as something very physical and tactile (and I know that works against knitblogs which I love) and podcasting seems so ethereal -- the opposite of rough (or smooth) smelly (or not) yarn running through my hands.

But I have been looking for something to put on the old ipod thingy so I think I will try.

Oh, and I love your Sunrise Circle jacket. LOVE it.