Monday, August 22, 2005

The End of the Short Tunnel

Knitting this was hardly a long dark tunnel - it has raced by so quickly not only did I have an EZ Pass, I must have hit all of the green lights along the way:

Half a sleeve, the collar, and sewing to go! Just in time for . . . yep, there was a real hurry to knit up a heavy wool sweater in this 90 degree heat. Sometimes you just gotta knit what you gotta knit. Ok, I really have watched Rocky one too many times. Have I ever mentioned that I think there should be a Rocky channel in Philadelphia? I think it should broadcast from Friday at midnight, until midday Sunday (just in time for football), and it should run all of the Rocky's back to back, in a round - the next week picking up where the last week left off. And, all of our local businesses - like Pat's, Geno's, Italian Market vendors, Lee's Hoagies, the Blue Horizon, etc., could advertise. Just another one of my get rich quick schemes. Well, it's my only get rich quick scheme -- hmmmm, and I'm not rich.

Next project -- so far the vote is 2-0 in favor of . . . ripit ripit ripit. I've now reread the pattern for the skirt. Not looking so good there, either. I thought it was a safe assumption that it would be knit in the round -- since it is round, but no, wrong. Strange increases, and a seam. This may be a complete retreat, and back to the old drawing board with 20 skeins of Silk Garden on deck.

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Merrill Mason said...

So why isn't your dog sitting on your knitting?