Sunday, August 14, 2005

Missoni Complete

No, I did not cast on that second sock. But, I did finish the exactly one skein of Koigu hat:

Knit on 16" circular 3's, it went surprisingly quickly. Well, any knitting at a family function, I find, goes really quickly. I sit, nod my head, try to be polite, try not to make faces, and knit. Like my mother, not only do I throw my yarn, I make faces that, for some reason, I think no one can see. But, any time a "you're an idiot," "can't you just shut up," "you don't know anything," "that child is such a wackjob" expression crossed my face, I just looked down at my knitting, carefully counted stitches, recomposed, and that's the way to get through the day - certainly better than shoving a chocolate chip cookie in my face.

And, since I finished a project, I got to start a new one . . . no, not the second sock . . .more tomorrow. I know the suspense is killing you.

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Merrill Mason said...

Adorable and fun! And you look adorable and fun!

Some storm, eh? Big tree snapped off at the ground one block up 24th street; landed on cars. Your poor, howling terrified doggie. Guess you lost some sleep! Chesty slept like a rock; Robert sort of woke, sort of slept; I was wide awake clinging to both my guys, which is unusual for me since I like storms.

I'm starting a fast, chunky (for me), scarf out of Lorna's Lace's space dyed merino/silk. Needing something fast and easy instead of dk weight sweater shaping. The color changes and nice feel keep me entertained.