Thursday, August 18, 2005

Knit in Being

Oy! I'm exhausted! Changing this template took more brainpower than the LSAT. Isn't it ironic that someone who has 2 degrees steeped completely in self-expression, can't speak that speech because of a crazy insane code -- I think HMTL is a violation of the First Amendment. It's certainly designed to curb speech. Everytime I crack the code, much like when I read Clockwork Orange, I whoop with glee! Now, if someone could just, please, for G-d's sake, tell me how to change my header!

Anyway, knitting circle was rockin' in the West Wing last night. Although I did give kudos this week to the Poolside Knitters, I forgot to mention the crocheter who showed up -- she plopped herself down, of course looking for help, and while I respect crochet, I like to keep it at a distance - so I was worthless to her. I asked her what she was making. A baby blanket (in white fluffy acrylic of course). Oh, who's having a baby? Me. Great, when are you due? I'm not. Ok, my blank stare must have motivated her to explain. You see, she said, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby, we've been having trouble, so I thought I would knit a baby blanket, maybe to help things along. Honey, crochet is not what gets the job done! Luckily, everyone at Rosie's was knitting for a life in being.

But, if you shouldn't knit for a baby that doesn't exist (and let's be clear, you shouldn't), should you show up for dinner for a relationship that doesn't exist? I guess we'll have to wait for the update next week, but my feeling is that they're one in the same - both lead to disappointment, and, sigh . . . sex.

Anyway, the update on the seedstitch coat -- no one could believe that I only started this thing on Sunday, but really, it's just knitting up so fast the progress is really out of my hands:

As you can see, I've completed the back, and begun one of the front panels. Here is where an anal knitter hits trouble -- keeping those Noro bands of color in some kind of order. I, well, I'm not so picky, I kind of like the mishmashing of stripes (see completed projects), and I'm not so concerned. The only thing I really try to do is stay dark on the bottom, but I just can't be bothered with perfectly lining up the blue stripes.

And, between HTML translation exercises and speed knitting, no, I just haven't had time to cast on that stocking!


Anonymous said...

Love the new template!! As for may be right on both counts. Will report back tomorrow... -r

Merrill Mason said...

Wendy, you are a prolific genius!It took me two days just to put a link on my blog. And where did you get the great drawings? I'm at work so can't read all, but will weigh in later (literally since I have Weight Watchers at 6pm.) Merrill

Knitty Delicious said...

Now I feel like R is teasing us regarding her dinner plan! As to HTML I feel like a total dodo next to you...I can't even figure out how to post links...lets meet somewhere with wireless for a tutorial. Jacket looks hot...I agree for what I call "jungle noro" stripes...just go with it!

Anonymous said...

No one is right all the time. So Wendy gets credit for a half accurate prediction... -r

shobhana said...

your blog is fantastic!!

Anonymous said...


your blog is really beatiful!


Wendy said...

But anonymous, praytell - which half is right?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Merrill Mason said...

10 comments! I'm so envious! And 3 deleted! You're causing waves.
I love the new photo header.
Gained .4 at Weight Watchers.