Monday, August 08, 2005

Maryland Revisited

I don't know what happened -- well, that's not true, I know exactly what happened. I got swept up in the moment, the frenzy, the chaos -- I COULD NOT STOP BUYING KOIGU. The talk on Rosie's Yarn Cellar's annual bus trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival was all koigu. Baskets of koigu, koigu colors colors colors, we must get to Koigu! No, no brainwashing occurred, hardly, I've always been a big fan. But, did I really need anymore Koigu as I headed to the Koigu booth at the festival? But, once I had my basket in hand, there was no stopping me - skein after incomplete skein ended up on the scale, and I went home with 700+ yards of Kersti, and 1300 + yards of KPPPM. I decided to tackle the unknown first, the Kersti.

What to make? Even though I had carefully weighed my scraps, I wasn't sure I had done it correctly (yes, I know it's just a scale, but I'm a person who doesn't even drive a car because driving a car is the equivalent of driving a weapon, to me), so I decided to make a shawl that didn't mind being a scarf if I ran out of yarn, which is kind of what happened.

So, I started with the Sarah Blanch Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls as my basic pattern:

And, I began striping with at least 10 different partial skeins of Kersti, using one greenish skein throughout the pinks:


I am pleased with the results.

I had never experimented with Kersti, had not heard very positive things about it, and had actually never seen a completed garment in this very soft, brightly colored merino. But, I'm happy, and I would knit in it again. It hasn't replaced the KPPPM in my heart, but what could?

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