Thursday, August 11, 2005

Missoni Madness

I went into Rosie's the other day, to simply replace a pattern that I had lost. Well, I choose to think it's lost, because the only other option is that my cleaning lady threw it out, and right now, my cleaning lady is on double secret probation. It all started several years ago, when cleaning lady was cleaning my friend Sue's apartment as well as mine. Sue came home from work one day to find cleaning lady scrubbing the house in Sue's shoes -- yes, you read that right, she had changed her shoes, and put Sue's shoes on to clean her house. Sue fired her. I felt bad for her, and, she hadn't worn my shoes, and she's cheap. The next summer, I bought a pair of fabulous, and fabulously expensive Dansko shoes. I wore them everywhere, to work, to Europe, everywhere. The next season, I looked for them, and couldn't find them. Strange for a pair of shoes to just disappear, but I just figured they were lost in the house somewhere. This summer, when I was planning my Europe trip, I said to my friend Betsy, damn, I wish I had those Dansko's. She said, Wend, I have something to tell you. It turns out that one time, when cleaning lady came over to Betsy's place, Betsy noticed that she was wearing those Dansko shoes. Betsy was immediately suspicious, how did cleaning lady afford the Dansko's? But, she put it out of her head, why would cleaning lady steal a pair of used Dansko's? But, now that she heard that my shoes had never turned up, her suspicions seemed confirmed. Cleaning lady stole my shoes? I still can't believe it, so double secret probation, and no shoes had better go missing this summer.

Anyway, that's a really long tangent, and hardly explains why I had to buy three more skeins of Koigu to recreate the scarf/hat combo that Grace was knitting in the store, even though I have 50 billion projects already on needles. However, maybe this blurb from Harper's Bazaar will:

Koigu, to me, knits up just like Missoni (although this particular cap isn't the best example, but for anyone who has seen any of Missoni's knit clothing . . .), and this hat looks just like the hat Grace had already finished. The hat is beretlike, like this one, and the pattern is kind of criss cross stitch. I couldn't wait to have it, and considering the Missoni hat is $335, and the skein of Koigu was 9.00, I figured it was a good investment.

I wanted to practice the pattern first, so I cast on the scarf:

I'm pretty much done the scarf now, but I don't want to cast it off, just in case I run short on yarn for the hat because I noticed at Knitting Circle on Wednesday that Rosie's is sold out of my particular skein, so I had better be conservative. And, well, as long as it's still on needles, well, I don't have to worry about cleaning lady walking away in it.


Merrill Mason said...

Aaaarrrrgh. I'm having a hard time making my blog work as a descriminated-against Mac person. Check it out and see if you get an image when you open it up. The photo interface is only for PCs. Here's my blog URL: http// Let me know what you find! Hope you had a cool day at the pool today. Thanks. Merrill

Elaine said...

I don't have to worry about the cleaning lady, but I had a busboy (bus-woman?) at a restaurant steal a scarf I had JUST FINISHED THE NIGHT BEFORE. I had left it on the seat in a restaurant, then walked to the car. I realized I left it, went back in and there was already another couple at the table, my waitress was clueless, and the busboy scurried away when I inquired about it. I was pissed...GRRR!