Monday, August 15, 2005

Full Circle

Poolside Knitters has found it's way! We sat in a circle, not two semi-circles. Yes, I had to teach the Gartersnake how to pearl (again), but you know, she came determined to learn, and she really tried hard. The conversations were about knitting, and the love of textiles, travel, family, movies, Six Feet Under. I'm so relieved! Judy, a knitter far more experienced than I, had been quietly knitting the first few weeks, feeling the group out, determining, I guess, if the rest of us were knitworthy. And, I guess it was a true testament that were all sitting, knitting in 90 degree weather, outdoors week after week. Satisfied, she told us about her trip to Wales, and the Colinette spinnery and the secrets of their handpainting, how she can't stop touching fiber, and her secret yarn stash. It was like a confessional or a gush - it all came with a sly smile, and a sigh.

Speaking of outdoors, it was so nice to look at my new project grow in natural lighting. I could now see the beautiful flecks of yellow and purple throughout the fabric, and I was even more pleased with my choice of yarn. So, what is my new mystery project. Wait no more:

The seed stitch coat in the new Winter Vogue. I, of course, am doing it in my second favorite yarn, anything by Noro. This yarn is called Yoiro, get's 3.5 stitches to the inch on 11's (my favorite needles - a post for a different day, and looks just beautiful:

This is the back, about 22" worth, 4" from the armhole shaping:

This is knitting up so fast it's incredible. I love instant gratification! Some things take patience, like the growth of a circle, but other things . . . well, not everything has to be difficult.

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This is really hot. I love the cross references and illustrations. This is really a slice of living.