Friday, March 10, 2006

Did anyone really think that on a Knitting Circle night, when I was going to find myself in Rosie's, on the fence about a particular yarn, that I was actually going to say, Nah, I'll save some money, destash, and continue on with this color I'm not altogether fond of? Pshaw! On the way to the shop, I secretly, or not so secretly, I think when you try to keep secrets from yourself, it's called rationalizing, but I think I knew in a concrete sense that I was going to buy the Great Adirondack that had just arrived. I used the silk to make that dreaded Landscape Shawl, that I ended up gifting to my mom (who wore it to the flower show the other day. We had lunch, she handed me roses, and said, "they only cost $5.99 a dozen!"). I loved knitting with the yarn, I just didn't enjoy Landscape Shawl at all. I got sucked into it, because at that time it was like the flu - everyone at the store had it. I can't tell you why I didn't like knitting it - the picot edging, the y/o's before the markers that I kept screwing up, I don't know. I just didn't like it.

But, I really wanted to use the yarn again - so here it is, in Beach House:

And, I love the name - Beach House. I could so use a Beach right now. I put my make up on the other day, and there was a distinct difference between my face and my neck - uch! I've reached my height of pale. If hadn't just seen the horrors of self-tanning on the Oscars - JLo - the dress is stunning, but you look like you fell into a vat of bronzer, and oops, you missed a spot - like your hair line. Ah well. She should have settled for knitting with Beach House.

As I knit, I envision Beach House Kimono Shawl blowing in the breeze, and the smell of the ocean. I see Kate Winslet, on the Titanic, wrapped in Beach House Kimono Shawl (which is a much prettier vision than me at the beach, which usually involves a nasty sunburn and a case of beer). And, while I don't see mom standing on the bow of a ship, arms extended, flying, wrapped in Beach House Kimono (I don't see Leonardo with mom either), I do see her walking the decks of her next cruise (my parents are bigtime cruisers now that they're retired), completely fashionable in her cruisewear Kimono. So, even though I substituted a new yarn for the matronly yarn, I think I'm still going to gift it to mom for Mother's Day.


Merrill Mason said...

Easy? EASY? Humph.

Allison said...


Never got sucked into the Landscape shawl, but got sucked into half-pi which I didn't much like, either. Had similar issues with the yarn-overs and, just, boredom.

Beach House looks great!

Sherry W said...

That yarn is amizing, it's nice to see it knitted up. I was tempted by the other colorway, but I'm trying to be good for sheep and wool.

Sourire11 said...

Hi! I found you through project spectrum and I just wanted to say I love your shawl! I’ve been debating making a kimono shawl– I’m just getting into lace knitting – and yours is lovely! Thanks for sharing.