Sunday, March 12, 2006

Top Down, Top Done!

Yep, I had to rip again. I really don't get people who call it "frogging." I'd never heard that oh-so-generous term until I started blogging. I assume that it comes from that frog mantra "rippit rippit," but that's something a frog croaks when it's happy, it's fed (or, during the Super Bowl, it's just had a beer), it's not a noise it makes when some brat catches it in a jar, and it's about to become a school dissection project. And, that's what this ripping was - surgery, multiple surgeries - suturing. Today's surgery, again, fixing a hemorrage.

Where was the hemorrage - need you ask? Of course, when I ripped the dress out, and started to knit down again, the goddamn stripes once again pooled at my middle - yep, typical Wendy, everything settles on the hips. Uch. So, I put the thing away for a couple of days (or else it was going to go the way of the Silk Garden Suit - when it doubt, turn it into a blanket). But, I went the less destructive route, and decided a rib would fix all -

So, once again I ripped,

And, we then offered Chesty up to the knitting gods -

And, I settled in to get the job done, once and for all!

And, voila - FOUR SWEATERS LATER - I have one completed Bobble Down Top Down~


yahaira said...

I think it looks great! Maybe the knitting gods just needed a little offering. What yarn were you using again?

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, good for you for sticking with it through all those rips!!! (I always say, FROG is a four-letter word). You've got such a wonderful sweater in the end, and it looks like it fits you perfectly. Your perseverance paid off!!

Merrill Mason said...

Come on now. You KNOW it looks great. Now you can crank out infinite perfect versions with variations. Chesty knew you could do it!

Sherry W said...

Looks great, love the bottom ribbing!

purlewe said...

Congrats! All that blood, sweat, and tears and now you have your lovely sweater. Wear it in good health!

Knitty Delicious said...

The ripping was worth it...and think of all those fabu techniques you learned (haha). The end result is great. Sorry I missed you guys yesterday...I was hiding after a very long Fri/Sat...I'm away at the Cape this weekend so I'll catch up with you next week. I can't wait for class!!!!