Thursday, March 30, 2006

So, no stinkin' pattern was going to kick my ass. Minutes after I posted the last entry, I decided to go on the attack - damn the laceovers, man the torpedos! I shut my office door (so what it was past lunch time, so what I had a brief due - there was serious business at hand, no 10 stitch repeat was going to get the best of me, no siree Bob (whoever Bob is!)). I managed to get through 2 repeats of the pattern, not without mistakes, but without throwing off my stitch count, and sending me into another ripping tizzy. I, sigh, have moved on. The sampler scarf is not toast, it's still a bagel.


Liz K. said...

I am a lace neophyte too, spending way more time in the frog pond than I can handle. I did about 18" of cozy before I frogged it. I just can yet read my stitches in lace patterns, and charts just about do me in! You should see me reading a map, much less a lace chart! Sorry I have no advice, just lots and lots of empathy!

Lisa said...

Wendy, my compliments on your fortitude and patience. And as always your terrific sense of humor in the face of knitting adversity!