Sunday, October 30, 2005


I finally took a few minutes (well, 2 hours) away from that maddening trial, and writing my closing (we should close Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning), and worked on Silk Garden Reincarnate. I'm really enjoying knitting this, particularly now. The foundation of the pattern is 18 stitches, and multiples of 18. For those of you who aren't into Jewish numerology, 18 is the equivalent of the Hebrew word, Chai, which means Life, and 18 is a pretty lucky number. So, as the blanket grows, and I pick up 18 stitches, 36 stitches, cast on 18 stitches, I'm constantly thinking, this has got to be a good sign. Every time I turn a corner, and there is another 18 stitches, it's like crossing my fingers, or knocking on wood, or holding my breath . . . it's going to be really unfortunate if I lose this trial - because whenever I raise a glass, and say L'Chaim, I'll remember this trial, this blanket, and wonder where luck took a wrong turn, did I pick a wrong skein? Start a color repeat in an oh so wrong direction? 18 stitches forward will feel like 18 stitches lost, and one big unraveling moment.


synaesthica said...

Wonderfully abstract.

Robert starts jury duty today; wave as you pass in the halls.

Knitty Delicious said...

I SAW YOU ON THE NEWS! Nice "lecture" about learning to drink responsibly! I'm happy for you that it is over! Now get back to your blog! We miss you!

wendy said...

Hey! I just found your website, and I'm a Wendy who knits and is Jewish!
Just wanted to say it makes me a little excited.