Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Wheel Has Landed

So when I walked through the lobby of our building today, on the way to a sentencing, I noticed a box the size of a small barn by the security guard's desk. I stopped in my tracks. I didn't get too close to it - I suspected, but I wasn't sure. I resumed my tiptoe through the lobby, not wanting to wake our ancient security guard out of his stupor, and I casually glanced at the address label as I kept moving. Yep, it was the wheel. It was shipped in one piece, not disassembled. I continued walking. Hmmm . . . interesting, and I'm going to get it home how? After my client got banged for 4-8, I continued to think about it on the walk back to the office. While mulling my numerous options (or none), I got a call from the building manager. What did you order? she said, a refrigerator? I'm working on it, I said, working on it.

So, I decided the only option was to take it out of it's packaging and see if it could be transported in pieces But, this was a job for more than one person - and my fabulous secretaries and my bemused officemate, Lori, pitched in with the peanuts:

And, a wheel was brought forth into the world from the box:
I'm sure I'll be quite the conversation generator when I walk home with the wheel under my arm.


synaesthica said...

Home? I thought you were going to spin in the courthouse halls between hearings.

yahaira said...

hah! I would love to see you dragging it around the city. Maybe you can do some impromptu spinning.