Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ode to Silk Garden

Silk Garden Sweater, you have gone on to a better place. I wish I could say your time on this earth was worthwhile, that you served a purpose, that you were a comfort, and a steadfast friend. But, alas, you were nothing but a pain in the ass.

But, life is not really over for you. In fact, you have been reincarnated! You have ascended, and have risen again, this time, not as a misshapen, gauge challenged, problem laden albatross, but as a comforting, toasty, pretty pretty afghan. Behold! We have Silk Garden, the Rambling Rows I have no idea if an afghan is a higher caste than a sweater, but I know one thing, anything is a step above that Noro pattern.

And, the Rambling Rows pattern is very clever:
This combination of squares, rectangles and little squares is as intriguing as Lincoln Logs, as addictive as Leggo. I can't wait to add another block, because every time the thing turns, it looks different. No, I am not smoking crack. I'm not seeing dancing pink elephants, or floating stars and moons . . but every time I add another piece of the puzzle, it looks like a completely different blanket. Neato. Thank you Robin for the inspiration. And, this is technically not a violation of the no cast on rule -- because I always said that rehabilitating the silk garden suit was in the mix.

And, speaking of suits, my brother and my nephew came to visit this morning, while the women from my sister-in-law's side of the family took the girls to see Disney Princesses on Ice (I could have so much to say about that (nothing good, and we all know how much fun that is), but I'm tired, and I do have to try a case tomorrow . . .). He presented me with a check for $120 - he sold my old pink Ipod on Ebay. So much for trying to buy him a present. I quickly converted it into a suit from Ann Taylor Loft, and if you turn on the evening news tomorrow, you might catch a glimpse of my newly suited ass slipping out the courthouse door!

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