Thursday, October 27, 2005

One Week Down

Not quite a week, but the judge isn't sitting tomorrow, a little rest for the oh so weary. I'm still on Block 9 of Silk Garden Reincarnate

Daily News
Philly Inky


synaesthica said...

Missing you Wendy! You're a rock star, in the courtroom and out: knitter extraordinarie, PD dynamo, comedic writer par excellence. Go get 'em, Tigress. Try to get some sleep too.

Knitty Delicious said...

I enjoyed the BJ play by play! Keep up the good work!

Lisa M. said...

Technically, I'm commenting to the wrong post--but just wanted you to know that knitters all over the city (and probably all over the world, but I'm only talking about what I know first-hand) are ga-ga over the new Rambling Rows, and beginning to daydream about their own. How did we never think of this before?