Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where's the Tree?

It's Christmas in the middle of October! (Ok, I said it would be really annoying to have a serious discussion about a White Christmas in the middle of July, and I certainly won't be bringing Xmas up at the watercooler this morning and, not that I really get any Christmas presents because I don't celebrate Xmas, so I guess this was really just a pisspoor lead-in to this blog), because I got my Secret Pal Gal package today!

And you know what's so awesome? That so much of it is homemade - homemade soap, lotion, stitch markers, and a handstamped pad. I didn't even know that people still made their own soap - for this city girl, that would be like going to the barn and churning up some butter. But, it's just so thoughtful - thanks so much Secret Pal Gal!

And, I don't have to feel guilty about getting a present, because I finally finished Dad's socks! (Ok, I said Rosh Hashanna, it turned out Yom Kippur -- I really did have a 10 day grace period there to keep myself in the Book of Life), so the bag that had one sock, now as two! So, while it may be a long slow football season this year for Eagles' fans, at least Dad's feet will be warm and cozy in front of the t.v.

And, let's not forget Mom - her birthday was Friday. Now, Mom's knitting is really coming along. She's actually almost done the seed stitch coat that I did in Noro (she's doing it in the Lion Brand, but we're working on that) - I convinced her that just because it's big doesn't mean that it's hard. So, now that she's coming to the end of the road of her first big project, I feel like she needs to graduate, and try really special yarn - Anne Anne Anne . . .

Oh, yeah, and that dreaded Kid Silk Haze. And, of course, she needs a project (Rosie's Allison Scarf) and like all stylish knitters, a Lantern Moon bag to put it in:.

All she needs now is a fabu lipstick, and she's ready to hit the town!

And, my brother, you ask - his birthday was a few days before my mother. I say a few days, because from now on, I'm just going to pick a different day every year - because when I called him on the 3rd and wished him a happy birthday, he laughed. I said, what's so funny about turning a year older? He said, "It doesn't happen until tomorrow." So, since I'll inevitably screw it up again, I might as well pick a different day than everyone else to wish him a happy birthday so he has a whole birthday week. Anyway, my brother has forbidden me from buying him or his wife any more gifts since I unload a bundle on his kids. But, I can't not give him anything, that's just not right. So he got my used Ipod. Used? Congratulations! you're thinking, you must have upgraded to the Nano, sweet! Nope, it's a sad sordid tale of my pretty pink IPod. So, the story goes like this - I went to a Phillies game with one of my guy friends, and one of his friends, whom I had never met. When it came time to leave, I hopped into the back seat of the truck of the friend of the friend. I sat in the middle, next to the child's seat, and to give me more room, he put the other seat which had been in an upright position, down, trapping my leg under the seat. Stuck stuck stuck. When I had to get out of the truck, neither one of these "gentlemen" helped me -- I flailed, I tugged at my leg, I struggled - I dumped my purse, I scrambled for my lipstick. I climbed over the front seat, out the front door. And the boys? Laughing -- it turns out that I was wearing a shiny red thong, and with all of my machinations in the back seat, I was putting on quite a show. Another very important New Year's Resolution - never sit in the backseat of a truck with a miniskirt when the escape route is uncertain. For some reason, I totally forgot my IPod was in my purse, didn't even check for it, and the friend of the friend took off with my Pod. Months and months went by. I flew overseas, I exercised, I took train trips, all without my IPod. Lazy friend just didn't understand the importance of retrieving the IPod. So, of course, a month after I sucked it up and bought a new IPod, the day before the Nanos came out I might add, he returns the original. Sigh, men.

But, maybe I shouldn't have worried so much about the damn lipstick . . .


yahaira said...

ooo the socks came out great. I was looking at that Sarah Dallas book the other day and thought of you. Im thinking I need to make some of those. Just tell your dad you were waiting for the weather to cool down, it wasn't wool sock weather yet!
Definately work on your mom, I don't want her to think it's ok to use Lion Brand in every project. You hooked her up well, what is that yarn on top of the ksh?
Yeah, I bought my iPod the day before they switched into making all the big ones into iphoto ones. It sort of worked out though since they stopped making the 40gb, but still it's annoying timing.

Anonymous said...

I, too would scramble for lipstick. Lipstick is important. Some days, only lipstick and hairspray are holding me together.

m3K Ed said...

Misti Alpaca

I think I followed her act when I was
working the flaming batons at the Troc.

The truck and purse episode was a classic. Next time, do as my Aunt Ruth does and keep your Country Squire station wagon keys, AARP card and food stamps in your bra.

Secret Pal Gal said...

Glad you liked the gifties.
It's been fun getting to know you the past few weeks. Now, a question...

I won't be sending bacon or shrimp to you, but being born a complete WASP I wouldn't want to send you something that would end up freaking you out.

Are there any snackies you like that you would love to have but would never buy for yourself? Anything I should avoid?