Thursday, October 06, 2005

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Sigh. I know we all experience bouts of loneliness. And, when friends are lonely, I think it's incumbent on us to help our friends out, and listen to them complain about their long gone boyfriend/girlfriend for the billionth time, their lazy husband, their sorry ass jobs, their general malaise, etc., and we welcome them into the West Wing with open arms - come, sit, stay! (well, for a limited period of time before we must exercise tough love and just slap them silly). But, if you're a Wacko, and you plop yourself down in the company of strangers, pick your face until it bleeds, contribute the most bizarre non sequiters to the conversation (well, actually, if you're talking to yourself, it doesn't really qualify as a conversation) and proceed to read a paperback in the middle of a knitting circle after throwing out there that you're thinking of fasting in support of vegetarians in Mongolia, you really just need to stay in the comfort of your own home - and if you have no friends, well, there's now a company that can make you one:
Yes, for $79.00, you too can become your own best friend. And, in fact, if you don't like your face, you can choose another:
I know, I know, it seems creepy - but I think for the Wacko of the West Wing, it's the perfect solution. In fact, when Janet was passing the catalogue around our little group, I earmarked a few pages for her, and, just as I was about to pass her the catalogue, she was once again asked to move, as she had plopped herself down right in front of the skeinwinder. Now, if she had a special friend, like I do:
that special friend would definitely tell her "never to sit in front of the skeinwinder!"

You know, this company gives a whole new meaning to masturbation, and I think that ol' Wacko would be better served with a little of that, than picking her face among cashmere and alpaca lace.

Ahem, so, I know you're all dying to know how my spinning is going - much improvement indeed! Voila -
It so much better! Thanks Merrill - I've now got the pinching and pulling down (and no, I wasn't practicing on my special friend).

Along with my improved hand technique, I think this roving was easier to work with. I don't know if you can see from these pictures, but the pink (as pink is wont to be) is much fluffier, and was much easier to tease into the twist.

Teasing, twisting - no no! I promise, I don't really have a special friend!

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Knitty Delicious said...

sounds like I missed a THRILLING knitting circle...I'll be back next week to hang with ya'll and weed out the riff raff...otherwise, we go elsewhere.C