Tuesday, January 24, 2006

For the girl who hates to swatch, I've been doing a lot of swatching. Before I went to the basketball game last night, I did a little swatching for Ene's Scarf (not that I'm in training). The first swatch is the laceweight handpainted merino I bought at Stitches (intended for Forrest Path, but I'm still on the fence about that since I really don't think I have enough yarddage), and the second is Anne/Kid Silk:
I'm not really loving either. The Anne/Kid Silk looks much better in garter stitch. Here, the Anne is completely eclipsed by the Kid Silk - kind of like adding too much cumin to curry. I don't love the merino either. So, I think tonight I'll swatch plain Anne sans Kid Silk, and maybe the solid Zephyr I have somewhere in the house, which was my first attempt at Forrest Path (the crazy entrelac shawl). I've been looking around blogland, and my favorite Ene's so far are in the yarn called for in the pattern, Blackberry Ridge Wool Silk Blend, and Morehouse Farms handpainted merino. We'll see. I keep looking at the charts, and I don't really get them, but I think it may be the kind of thing that only makes sense once you've cast on.

Now to the basketball game. Most of my clients who are acquitted go back to their daily lives, and while they may face an angry stare here and there, they don't go back to stocking the shelves at Walmart to be faced with boos everytime they pick up a box of Cheerios, or chants of "No means No" everytime they put the key in the lock of their car door. The first time Gary touched the ball, and the AEPi contingent began to boo, I nearly jumped out of my bleacher seat to take on every one of those nerdy engineers. But, you know what, my job is done - Gary didn't need my help - everytime there was a boo, a chant, he just scored another 3 - 7 3's for a school record. And, while they, Towson, lost the game, that kid won. And, at one point in the game, he totally bowled over this Drexel kid. He stopped, his face made an "oops," he lost the ball while he checked to make sure the kid was alright. While it may not have been good basketball, that sportsmanship, kindness, in the face of jeers and hostility, speaks volumes - louder than any jury verdict in my opinion.

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